Saturday, December 10, 2022

WordPress Gets Sweat Plugins

When search engine optimization (SEO) is discussed, talk usually focuses on getting links from outside sources. Recently, however, the importance of on-site factors has surged into site owners’ awareness. On-site factors involve things like the titles of pages, headlines and subheadings in the content, and how the various pages of a site link to each other. Interlinking a site’s pages has often been problematic because it can become tedious and confusing very quickly. As a site grows, each new page has to be linked to from some others so that both visitors and search engine spiders can find the new content. How this is done turns out to be important; a page linked to only from the site’s navigation bar or footer isn’t given as much credibility as one that’s linked to from within the content of other pages on the site. Unfortunately, when a site has become large, it’s hard to keep up with all of the link placements. New pages don’t get linked to, and if an old page drops off, forgotten links to its old location often remain. Continue reading the Press Release here.

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