Thursday, May 23, 2024

Why All The Confusion Surrounding HTML 5?

While the tech media seems to be focused on making “HTML 5” its latest buzzword, confusion about what the emerging standard can do is rampant. Web developers are aware of what it entails, but most are left wondering how it will affect the web as they know it.

Truthfully, HTML 5 is an emerging standard that isn’t likely to be officially standardized within this decade. It is intended to replace the current versions of HTML, which is at version 4.01, and XHTML, which is at version 1.1. It includes new markup elements and attributes and adds the embedding of video and audio files.

Along with these new features, new JavaScript APIs which enable drag-and-drop functionality, local file storage, web SQL, 2D drawing using the canvas element and file access. CSS 3, another newcomer that is NOT part of the HTML 5 spec, will support new features such as rounded corners, gradients and box shadows, along with new ways to present the data on your website. CSS 3 is not HTML 5, and can be used with the current HTML specification, and HTML 5 can be used with the current CSS specification, which is version 2.1.

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