Saturday, September 30, 2023

Web Developer Tools That Made An Impact in 2011

Web developers have had a busy year, and many web development tools haven’t caught up to the emerging web standards as 2011 comes to a close. That said, there have been many good open source tools that have shown up, and here are a few of the most popular, useful tools that come to mind.

The popular and often-used jQuery JavaScript library has been used by literally millions of websites, and currently 42% of websites are using the technology. This year even mobile developers got into the act with the release of jQuery Mobile, which was designed to work with all mobile, tablet, e-reader and desktop platforms.

Another favorite this year was CSS3 PIE, a library that allows developers to bring the most useful aspects of CSS3 to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser. Since developers aren’t able to force users to upgrade their browsers, by using CSS3 PIE they are able to take advantage of the new features of CSS3 without waiting for those users to upgrade.
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