Friday, August 19, 2022

SproutCore Will Become Amber.js Framework

While the SproutCore team are likely to be busy working on an apps distribution platform for Facebook, the best parts of the SproutCore project–an independent HTML5 framework for creating and distributing apps, will live on in the new project that is being called Amber.js.

Yehuda Katz, a former team member on the SproutCore project, is working with Tom Dale, another former Sproutcore developer, on the new Amber.js project. Katz discussed the project, and where the idea came from, stating that “We became increasingly convinced that calling what we were building ‘SproutCore 2.0’ was causing a lot of confusion because SproutCore 1.x was primarily a native-style widget library, while SproutCore 2.0 was a framework for building Web-based applications using HTML and CSS for the presentation layer… To clear things up, we have decided to name the SproutCore-inspired framework we have been building (so far called ‘SproutCore 2.0’) ‘Amber.js.’ Amber brings a proven MVC architecture to Web applications, as well as features that eliminate common boilerplate. If you played with SproutCore and liked the concepts but felt like it was too heavy, give Amber a try.”

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