Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The Web is Dead, Long Live the (New) Web

Although the web has continued to grow over the last decade, the basic programming of the web hasn’t been able to keep up with the ever-expanding role that the web plays in our daily lives. The group that formed to create the HTML5 standard joined forces to solve that problem.

To most who use the web on a daily basis, the tape and glue that holds the web together isn’t visible. Yes, developers can allow website visitors to view videos and play games online, but the web technologies we’re currently using weren’t designed for video and audio experiences.

In 2004, a group interested in changing the foundations of the web, led by Mozilla, Opera, and Apple, announced that they were creating a new group to continue the work on HTML that had been abandoned by the W3C. This group, known as the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group, began the creation of a new version of HTML, now known as HTML5–the fifth major variant of the “HTML dictionary”.

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