Saturday, June 3, 2023

Ready for The Next Internet Explorer? Microsoft Releases IE 10 Preview

If you haven’t upgraded to Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 yet, you are falling quickly behind–this week Microsoft announced the first platform preview of IE 10. The latest iteration of Internet Explorer features extensive support for HTML5 and CSS3 and is available for download today.

The Redmond company went on to take jabs at the Chrome web browser, stating that it doesn’t render HTML5 websites as well as its own Internet Explorer version 9 or the upcoming version 10. Microsoft referenced tests run at IE Test Drive that showed that support for CSS3 features such as Multi-column Layout, Grid Layout, Flexible Box Laout, Gradients, 3D Transforms and Transitions, IE outperformed Chrome.

Astute readers will be quick to point out that the tests at IETestDrive were created by Microsoft, and are geared to show the results that Microsoft wanted to show, a tactic that most browser makers use to compliment their own browser.

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