Tuesday, December 6, 2022

New Cloud-Based Web Development Platform Released: Builder Pro

Builder’s professional cloud-based web development platform, Builder Pro, is now available for 300 developers to try out. Although it has been compared to Adobe’s Dreamweaver, it is actually closer to the Coda and Espresso development tools, but it is cloud-based.

Another unique aspect of Builder Pro is that it is a browser-based development tool. Developers can create a new project, as well as edit live sites by just entering the site’s URL (and providing the FTP login details for the sites they wish to edit).

The creators of Builder Pro are hoping to attract professional developers, but the verdict is out as to whether such developers will embrace a browser-based development tool. Currently the tool is limited to the first 300 developers to sign up, along with a few who have been exclusively invited to give it a try.

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