Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Is Visual Development the Next Big Thing in Web Design?

Traditionally, Web designers have come up with ideas for how a website should look and then turned to Web developers to implement those designs. But a new approach called visual development is breaking down the barriers between designers and developers. “It allows creatives to design with the code, instead of creating a representation of it,” explained Bryant Chou, co-founder and CTO of Webflow, a company that offers visual development tools.

“In 5 years no one will be writing HTML and CSS anymore,” Chou added. “It will die a slow death, like Postscript, the language typesetters used to write in the 90s when they used it to instruct printers how to lay out magazines and newspapers. Nowadays no one codes in Postscript, as print designers rely on visual tools to do it all for them. The same thing will happen for HTML/CSS and Javascript. Once designers see how quickly they are able to build software visually, they will use it whenever they can.”

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