Saturday, July 2, 2022

HTML5-based Apps Fill AT&T’s New Web App Store

AT&T this week joined the online web app store arena with the announcement of its HTML5-based AppCenter, a mobile app store that will open later this year. AppCenter will feature services such as iMessage along with other HTML5-based apps that will be available to its customers.

Currently, AT&T plans to sell apps and services from the AppCenter to Android and iPhone owners, and the format for the store will be similar to that of a magazine. It will even include articles where customers will be able to read about apps, and of course the articles will direct users to the location where the apps can be found.

Although AT&T did not comment beyond the announcement itself, others, such as Ryan Matzner, director of strategy at Fueled, were eager to discuss the future of app stores and HTML5, stating that “Right now, it’s hard to say an exact date, but one of the issues right now is building an app natively. You can’t really get the same level of polished feel of using a native app, and some of the integration isn’t there, and those things will change over time. It might be one or two, or maybe even three generations, but HTML is definitely the way things are going to move.”

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