Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Google: Hacked Websites Climbed 32% in 2016

Google has revealed that its search engine flagged 32 percent more websites as being hacked in 2016 compared to 2015. However, more than 60 percent of those websites’ owners had not registered with Google Search Console, a service that informs Web developers how their sites are performing on Google Search and allows Google to communicate with them regarding security problems. That meant Google was unable to notify those Websites about the suspected hacking.

When it identifies a site as possibly being hacked, Google also posts a warning for potential visitors on its search results pages. Web developers who address the security issues can apply for reconsideration. Google said those who do apply are approved 84 percent of the time.

Google said the most common types of hacks last year included the gibberish hack, the Japanese keywords hack and cloaked keyword attacks. It also offered tips for how to avoid these threats.

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