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Goodies To Go! Newsletter #374

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January 31, 2006 — Newsletter # 374
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*   Windows Tech Goodie of the Week 
*   And Remember This…

A Noteworthy Laptop
Goodies To Go readers, being into web development and all thing Internet,
are frequently techno-road warriors.  This being so, I thought I’d share
with you my experiences and the end result of my attempts to replace my
trusty laptop.  It’s not that it no longer functions, or that there is
something I cannot live without that it doesn’t do; it’s just that there’s
so much cool stuff out there that I had to get my fingers on some of it. 
Actually, there is something it doesn’t do that I am no longer willing to
live without, and that is to respond to my touch on the screen.
Looking at my current machine and sizing up the features that must be
present in the replacement, I determine that, apart from the standard stuff,
the highlight is my wireless broadband access provided by my carrier,
Verizon Wireless, via an adapter card in the PCMCIA slot.  I’ve written
about this before, as some of you may remember.  We’re not talking WiFi;
it’s a high speed (700-800kbps is typical) digital data service provided by
the cell-phone company and providing national (US) coverage.  CAN NOT do
without that!
The touch feature is typical of tablet PCs, and there are other aspects of
tablet PCs that I like.  I cannot, however be without my keyboard – I do,
after all, spend a good deal of time writing!  What I need therefore, is a
computer that can be a laptop part of the time, and a tablet the rest of the
time.  Machines like this are called convertibles or, and this is the name I
like best, hybrids.
I started the hunt.  I found quite a wide price scale but was astonished to
find that no matter where I looked in the price line, hybrid after hybrid
lacked the one feature of my notebook that I absolutely had to have — they
had no PCMCIA slot!  I cannot understand why, when the entire purpose of the
hybrid is to provide the best of both worlds, such a crucial feature is left
Despondent and about to call the world a rotten place, I decided to give
Google one last chance.  I did a search that included both of the words,
hybrid and PCMCIA.  Eureka!  (Actually, Googlereka!)  The search results
included a page in Gateway Computer’s website.  Off we go, and….  in about
ten days time I will be the recipient of a gateway hybrid with a sparkling
PCMCIA slot and a nice fourteen inch screen.  A little while after that,
I’ll let you know whether or not it meets my expectations — that is, is the
world wide world still a fine and rosy place in which to live and work, or
will I have encountered a techno-hades.
I’ll keep you posted – just watch this space!

Thanks for reading!
– Vince Barnes
Q & A Goodies
Questions are taken from submissions to our Community
Mentors. You can ask a Mentor a question by going to

Q. Is there a way to use a background image without it repeating? I’d like
the bgimg to simply enlarge itself to encompass each visitor’s window,
instead of doing the tile effect.
A. You are not going to be able to get the image to enlarge itself for every
resolution. In fact the site you sent has the image repeating. I even looked
at it on various resolutions and it repeated in all of them. That being
said, you can use some CSS – Cascading Style Sheet –  to get an image to
only show once as a background.
Here is the code you should use:
<style type="text/css">
<!– body {background-image: url(images/your_image_name.gif);
background-repeat: no-repeat;} –>
Make sure you change the path and image name to suit your situation.
Q. This question most specifically refers to Javascript primer #27 on  I was
just wondering if there’s any way to make a link out of each of the pictures
of the slide show, or better yet, open a new window from each with
javascript? (by clicking on the picture of course.)  I was also wondering if
there’s a way to make a back one picture button without losing the forward
one picture button. Here’s the code..
<SCRIPT type="text/javascript">
  var num=1
  img1 = new Image ()
  img1.src = "btent1.jpg"
  img2 = new Image ()
  img2.src = "btent2.jpg"
  img3 = new Image ()
  img3.src = "btent3.jpg"
  img4 = new Image ()
  img4.src = "btent4.jpg"
 function slideshow()
   if (num==5)
<BODY BGCOLOR="#120F56">
<IMG SRC="btent1.jpg" NAME="mypic" BORDER=0 width="275" height="240"
alt=""> <A HREF="JavaScript:slideshow()"><IMG SRC="rightarrow.gif"
style="position:absolute; top:260px; left:300px" border="0"></A>
A. Here is a script for a slide show that has a link associated with each
<title>Image and Link Slide Show</title>
  var a=0
// Enter your images Here along with the directory if need be.
  var imgs=new Array()
// Array used for preloading
  var myimages=new Array()
// Do the preload
        myimages[i]=new Image()
// Enter your URLS and what you want to go in the ALT property.  This is so
when they mouse over the image
// There will be a small description of the Image or URL.  Make sure you
separate them with an
// ampersand "&" so that the script can separate them out before writing out
the link.
  var urls=new Array()
// This is the function that displays the images and links.  You should not
have to modify it.
 function Doimglink()
         document.mydiv.document.write("<A HREF=’"+newurls[0]+"’><IMG
SRC=’"+imgs[a]+"’ BORDER=’0′ ALT=’"+newurls[1]+"’></A>")
         elm.innerHTML="<A HREF=’"+newurls[0]+"’><IMG SRC=’"+imgs[a]+"’
BORDER=’0′ TITLE=’"+newurls[1]+"’></A>"
// function used to display random image
function rannum()
     len=imgs.length // how many entries in the array
     prev=a  // Save the previous image index
     // If the current image equals the previous image add one to get a
different image.
// In the DIV below you may have to add the top and left properties to the
style tag to position it // correctly in the window.  You must keep it
positions as absolute for it to work in NS4.0+ browsers.
<body onLoad="Doimglink()">
    <CENTER><H1>Manual Slide Show With Links</H1>
       <DIV ID=’mydiv’ STYLE="position:absolute;top:120;left:200"></DIV>
       <DIV ID=’ctrldiv’ STYLE="position:absolute;top:120;left:100">
        <A HREF="javascript:a++;Doimglink()">Next Image</A>
        <A HREF="javascript:a–;Doimglink()">Previous Image</A>
        <A HREF="javascript:rannum();Doimglink()">Random Image</A>

Q. I am trying to load a new page into a frame with:
and for some reason it works only if I put an alert before the statement.
A. Try:
You can also use:
Either one should work.
Q. I am running a site and many of my articles are being stolen by copy+paste.  Is there a way that when you right click an alert box comes up
and not the regular box with copy and paste on it?
A.  First I have to tell you that there is no fool proof way to keep someone
from taking your articles from your web pages.  Every time your web page is
displayed on someones PC the page is download to their cache so that it can
be displayed much more quickly.  The same goes for any images that are
displayed on the page.  Having said that here is a link to a site that has
some scripts that can help:

[It’s not a free solution, but you can also provide some protection by
creating password protected PDFs with Adobe Acrobat and including your
copyright information on the pages of your articles.  See for more
information. – Ed.]

Discussion Goodies
Have you seen the discussion forums on the HTML Goodies website?  It’s a
great place to get help from others who, just like you, are developing web
pages.  Many different topics appear in the forum, and a new one will appear
if you create it!  Here’s a sample of recent topics:
News Goodies
IE 7 in Public Beta
[January 31, 2006] It’s the most significant IE update since the ‘end’ of
the browser wars.
Read the article:

Security Vendors Team Against Spyware
[January 31, 2006] Security vendors try to reduce the "enormous confusion"
over what is, and isn’t spyware.
Read the article:

Microsoft Case Forces Office Users to Upgrade
[January 31, 2006] A patent enforcement forces the company to provide
upgrades to Office 2003 and Access 2003.
Read the article:

FCC: Fines For AT&T, Alltel
[January 31, 2006] Telcos fail to file proper paperwork certifying
confidentiality of customers’ records. 
Read the article:

Bush May Pump Tech in State of the Union Address
[January 31, 2006] President expected to call for America to regain its
flagging global leadership in IT.
Read the article:

IBM iSeries Changes For The Small Set
[January 31, 2006] The server maker speeds up its iSeries machines and takes
a number of efficiency measures for the line. 
Read the article:

From Spam to Sundance
[January 31, 2006] Tech firm uses Bayesian software to pick winners at
Sundance Film Festival. 
Read the article:

Suit hits Amazon, Target
[January 30, 2006] Registrar Systems wants to halt’s distribution
of personalization services.
Read the article:

ID Theft And Internet Fraud Declining?
[January 30, 2006] New studies indicate that the Internet isn’t as dangerous
as other places. 
Read the article:

Microsoft Source Code Thief Heads to Prison
[January 30, 2006] Judge slaps two-year term on man convicted of selling
code for $20.
Read the article:

Feedback Goodies
Did you ever wish your newsletter was an easy two way communications
medium?  Ploof! It now is!
If you would like to comment on the newsletter or expand/improve on
something you have seen in here, you can now send your input to:
We already receive a lot of email every day.  This address helps us sort out
those relating specifically to this newsletter from all the rest.  When you
send email to this address it may wind up being included in this section of
the newsletter, to be shared with your fellow readers.  Please don’t send
your questions to this address.  They should be sent to our mentors: see
Thanks for all your feedback!

Windows Tech Goodie of the Week 
Subtleties in Providing a Read-Only User Interface
In this article we’ll discuss the differences between disabled and read-only
controls and we’ll examine some of the subtleties that arise when creating
read-only user interfaces, along with workarounds. Read on to learn more!

*** AND ***

Format Phone Numbers ASP.NET Sample Code
This sample takes a phone number in any old format and attempts to wrangle
it into a nice uniform format. It’s great to use for form validation, before
placing the number into a database, or to create good looking reports.

*** AND ***
Checking and Enforcing Business Rules for SQL Data
In many applications, data enters the database in a number of ways — from
Windows and Web-based applications to Web services. It is no longer good
enough to put business rules at the application level and assume the rules
will be implemented correctly and consistently across all data entry points.
This article focuses on a methodology for ensuring data integrity by
enforcing business rules at the database level.

And Remember This …
1606 Guy Fawkes Died
On this day in 1606, moments before he was to be executed for treason in
London, England, Guy Fawkes leapt to his death.  The date was November 5th,
1605.  The British Parliament was due to start a General Assembly the next
day.  Justice of the Peace Sir Thomas Knyvet found Guy Fawkes in the cellar
of the Parliament Building in Westminster, along with two tons of
gunpowder.  He was detained.  The investigation that followed revealed,
largely by Fawkes explanations, the "Gunpowder Plot" as a conspiracy by the
English Catholics to annihilate the entire Protestant parliament, along with
the Protestant King, James I, who would have been in attendance.  The day,
November 5th, is celebrated across England with bonfires and fireworks.  An
effigy of Guy Fawkes is traditionally set atop the bonfire.  The celebration
remembers the discovery and foiling of the Plot, although there are those
who say it celebrates the attempt!
Today was also the day that in: 1804 British Vice-Admiral William
Bligh’s fleet reached Curagao; 1851 Gail Borden announced the
invention of evaporated milk; 1871 Millions of birds flew over
western San Francisco, darkening the sky; 1874 Jesse James and his
gang robbed a train at Gads Hill MO;  1928 Scotch tape was first
marketed by the 3-M Company (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing); 1950
President Truman revealed that he ordered the Atomic Energy Commission
to develop the hydrogen bomb; 1953 Hurricane-like winds flooded the
Netherlands drowning nearly 2,000; 1964 US report "Smoking & Health"
connected smoking to lung cancer; 1971 "My Sweet Lord" by George
Harrison hit #1 on UK pop chart; 1990 The first McDonald’s in Russia
opened in Moscow, world’s biggest McDonald’s;

Born today were: in 1797 composer Franz Peter Schubert……. ;
novelist Zane Gray; 1903 actress Tallulah Bankhead; 1911
bookseller Christina Foyle; 1915 Orchestra leader/trumpeter Bobby
Hackett; 1921 actress Carol Channing; 1921 actor John Agar;
English actress Jean Simmons; 1937 actress Suzanne Pleshette;
1946 musician Terry Kath (Chicago); 1951 English musician Phil
Collins;  1956 English musician John Lydon (Johnny Rotten); 1959
actor Anthony LaPaglia; 1971 actress Minnie Driver;

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