Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Facebook Reverses Course on React License

Recently, Facebook had announced that it was changing the open source license for its popular React JavaScript framework. The social network had switched to a controversial BSD + Patents license, which said, in essence, that developers who used React could not sue Facebook or they would lose their React license.

Now, however, Facebook has changed its mind. Succumbing to developer pressure, it now plans to switch to the MIT open source license for React 16. Adam Wolff, a Facebook engineering director said, “Although Facebook still believe its BSD + Patents license provides some benefits to users of its projects, we acknowledge that we failed to decisively convince this community.” The company will also switch to the BSD license for the Flow type checker, the Jest test tool and Immutable.js.

In order for the MIT license to apply, developers will need to update to the latest version of React 16, when it becomes available.

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