Saturday, June 22, 2024

Both Native and Web Apps Provide Mobile Opportunities for Businesses

Until recently, if a business was going to provide mobile access to its customers, native apps were the only choice. Although they do provide native functionality for specific devices, web apps can use HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to create a rich user experience through the mobile web browser. Knowing which to use is half the battle.

There is a big difference between native apps and web apps, and your business should consider asking itself a few benchmark questions before making the decision for one over the other. The first question is about accessibility. Do you need to provide access to a narrow group of users of one specific device, such as the iPhone, or do you have a much broader audience that includes many devices with different operating systems and functionality? Do you need to provide backwards compatibility?

Another benchmark concerns the app’s performance and functionality. If your business or service requires the use of geolocation services, you may still be in luck with web apps, but if you need to access the camera or phone on a device, you may want to stick with native apps.

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