Saturday, September 30, 2023

AppMakr Now Supports Android and Windows Phone 7 Development

AppMakr is a free online mobile application development tool that, up and till now, was limited to creating iPhone apps. This week AppMakr announced that the tool now supports the development of Android and Windows Phone 7 as well.

AppMakr was used by developers to create over 3500 iPhone apps, including apps for the PGA Tour, the Perez Hilton blog, Harvard Business Review, BBC and PBS and others. The tool is designed for non-programmers, to allow them to create basic apps that may include RSS feeds, splash screens, icons and tags.

By creating an app using AppMakr, developers are able to publish and upload the app to app stores including iTunes, the Windows Phone Marketplace and Android Market. Support for Android and Windows Phone 7 is still in a beta phase, and interested developers can join in the beta test for free.

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