Saturday, June 19, 2021

Apple Adds Support for Service Workers to WebKit

In the past, Apple has not made clear whether it plans to support progressive Web apps (PWAs). And some developers believes that Safari’s lack of support for the Service Worker API, which runs background scripts in the browser, meant that the company didn’t not intend to embrace PWAs. Web developer Greg Blass recently blogged “Service Workers are what allow you to do all the awesome and exciting things that [Progressive Web Apps] represent. Mobile Safari’s lack of support for them effectively kills the ability for PWA’s to work for half of all US users – which in turn kills their feasibility as a whole.”

However, the company has begun working on adding Service Workers to WebKit, the open source layout engine used by the Safari browser. Some developers believe this decision bodes well for the future of PWAs. Google, Mozilla, Opera and Microsoft have already expressed support for the technology.

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