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JavaScript Resources: Tutorials, Articles and References

JavaScript continues to be a popular subject on all of our sites. As such, we have put together this list of JavaScript resources that you may not be aware of!

JavaScript Tutorials and Articles

  • HTMLGoodies: Beyond JavaScript – Articles and tutorials on Object-Oriented JavaScript, JavaScript functions, Ajax, JavaScript projects and more!
  • JavaScript and Ajax Tips & Tutorials – This is a listing of JavaScript articles and tutorials that have been published on WebReference.com.
  • Doc JavaScript Archive – These JavaScript articles were written by the Doc JavaScript team (Yehuda Shiran and Tomer Shiran) between 1997 and 2002.
  • Authoring JavaScript: WDVL – The Web Developer’s Virtual Library’s collection of JavaScript tutorials, articles, book excerpts and more.
  • JavaScript & PHP from PHPBuilder Tutorials and articles with a focus on the PHP scripting language.
  • JavaScript Weenie – Paige Turner is the JavaScript Weenie and hosts this fascinating resource on Web Developer’s Journal.
  • JavaScript.com – JavaScript.com is your source for all things JavaScript, including tutorials, free java scripts, downloads, tools, javascript source code and other scripting resources.
  • WebDeveloper.com’s JavaScript section – A collection of JavaScript articles from across the internet.com network.

JavaScript Specs & References

  • The Script Tips – Script Tips is a section of HTML Goodies devoted to helping you understand and implement JavaScript on your own pages.
  • JavaScript Keyword Reference – The definitive keyword reference for the JavaScript scripting language.
  • Core JavaScript Reference: Version 1.5 – This book (in HTML format) is a reference manual for the core JavaScript language, version 1.5. Can be used in conjunction with the Core JavaScript Guide, listed below. Written by the developers at Netscape Communications. An excellent resource.
  • Core JavaScript Guide: Version 1.5 – Starting at the beginning, this reference explains everything you need to know about using core JavaScript. This reference assumes you have the following basic background: a general understanding of the Internet and the World Wide Web and a good working knowledge of HTML. Written by the developers at Netscape Communications. An excellent resource.
  • ECMAScript Language Specification – A PDF version of the official specification for ECMAScript, the vendor-neutral standard for what was originally Netscape’s JavaScript.

JavaScript Script Archives

  • JavaScripts.com – A database with free JavaScripts, discussion groups and news.
  • JavaScript Source – An excellent JavaScript resource with lots of free cut & paste JavaScript examples with source code included.
  • ScriptSearch’s JavaScript Section – This is ScriptSearch.com’s JavaScript library of scripts, software, online communities, websites and more.

JavaScript Discussion Forums

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