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Goodies To Go! Newsletter #376

By Vince Barnes

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               February 14, 2006 -- Newsletter # 376
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A Real Hybrid
A couple of weeks ago (or so) I told you about a new computer I had ordered.  (If you missed it, you'll find the piece here:
http://www.htmlgoodies.com/introduction/newsletter_archive/goodiestogo/article.php/3582996 )
At the time I told you that I would let you know what I thought of it after I had been using it for a while.  Now's the time!
The machine in question is a Gateway CX200X.  I got mine loaded with extra RAM, a big hard drive and all the best of the extras.  If a machine's worth buying, it's worth buying right!  If you recall, the item that swung my mind in favor of this machine over all the other hybrids was the PCMCIA slot, that will enable me to use my Verizon Wireless Broadband Internet card to keep my machine connected to the Internet.  Without a constant connection to the Internet, a computer just isn't a computer, in my mind!
My new hybrid has held a constant connection with a program actively using the net while I drove from Tampa all the way across the State of Florida to Daytona Beach, flawlessly.  This, of course, is a credit to both the computer and to Verizon Wireless. (BTW -- I was the one driving, not the one using the computer; the two activities don't seem to be completely compatible!)  This takes care of my number one requirement.
Next, there's the machine's overall usability.  Here's the deal: this machine is absolutely the business!  I can't say enough about the workings of the touch screen associated with the Tablet PC aspect of the computer and Windows Tablet PC edition.
This OS features what it calls "ink".  "Ink" is the result of writing or drawing stuff right on the screen.  Software in the system is then able to interpret the ink as text, drawings or just as an image.  The computer came with a few "extras" (maybe they come with the OS -- no real difference) that included among others an "Ink Desktop" which allows you to write notes and so on right on your desktop, which can then be cut and pasted into programs, if you wish, and an ink crossword puzzle game.
Much like the card games that came with earlier versions of Windows, that enables you to get used to using a mouse (if you're long enough in the tooth to recall that!) the ink puzzle is a great way to get used to writing text on the screen in such a way that it can be correctly interpreted.  I still have occasional problems with "H"s and "I"s wanting to be "A"s and "l"s, but I'm getting better!
As far as the navigation of windows on the desktop is concerned, nothing could be more intuitive.  If you want to move a window, for example, you touch the title bar to grab it, and drag it to where you want it.  You can touch and grab the sides of windows to stretch them, and all the other things you would expect to do.  The use of this interface is so natural that I had to stop and really think about what I was doing to realize how effective it actually is.
The screen is really nice to look at, too.  "Kill Bill" (& "2") played very nicely on it!  The only drawback I see is that, compared to my old laptop, which had an anti-glare screen, the shiny screen on this computer has some problems around bright light sources.  I will live with that, however!
This computer definitely brings me the best of both worlds, delivering on my expectations and them some.  I will have more to say about some of the software I am using, but that will probably show up on the HTML Goodies website -- so keep your eyes open!  Overall, I have to say "Thanks, and good job!" to Gateway (and also to Quentin Tarantino!)

Thanks for reading!
- Vince Barnes
Q & A Goodies
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Q. How can I place an image on my web page?  I tried <.IMG SRC="joe.gif">.  This doesn't work.  A red cross appears.
A. The red "x" where the images is supposed to be, can mean one of a few things. The path to you image is possibly incorrect. I checked your html code and noticed most of your graphics are located in a folder called images. If that is where you placed the image the path to it would be something like <.img src="images/joe.gif"> The path depends on exactly where the graphic is located in relation to where (what directory or folder) your web page calling it is located. It can get a little confusing as first. If just updating a page look at the html code of a graphic thats displays properly and make a note of the img src= code file path to it.
Also keep in mind, file name and the img src code name must match exactly. Letter case must be the same for both and extension names, like .jpg or .jpeg must match.
To copy the files you can use a FTP program for uploading and downloading files and graphics from your site.
(Note that NT/Win2K hosting servers are not case sensitive - Ed.)
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Q.  What is the html tag to prevent people from "lifting" my artwork from my site?
A. There is no such tag. There is no technical means to prevent copying that can't be gotten around. Nontechnically, there are a couple things you can do. You can put a copyright notice in big letters across the picture so it can't be removed without ruining the picture. You can post just small versions and and require viewers to contact you for permission to see the larger image. You can have pages and images which aren't linked to, so no one can find them without you giving them the link.
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Q. Can you please help me, I am after a script that will close the page it is on after a set amount of time; eg 0.1 seconds.
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Q. I have recently made an e-mail form with the help of the tutorial on the site, and my form is made up entirely of text boxes. However, I find that the
text boxes are ugly.. I would like the borders of them to be a different colour, so they do not have that "greay shadow" look. I know it is possible to change the colour of them, as I have seen it done on another website, but how can I do it on mine?
A. The easiest way to do it is to set up a style for the "input" in you style sheet, since you are only using text boxes. The following will also apply to any radio buttons or checkboxes that may be in the form. If you add them later, you may want to set up a class. But for now, add this to your style
input { border: 1px solid black; }
You can use change the pixel size, or switch from solid to dashed. For colors, you can use the text names that are available, or the hexidecimal (#000000).
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Q. How do I make a link from a popup window close the popup window and link back to a page of the main web site?
A. To refer back to the window that opened the popup you would use the term "opener".  I would suggest that you create a function in your popup to load the page into the main window and then close the popup.  The function could look like this:
function LoadPage(linkid)
You can then call this function and pass the page you want to load into the "opener" window as a value like this:
<.a HREF="#" onClick="LoadPage('mypage.html')">Click Me<./a>
<.a HREF="javascript:LoadPage('mypage.html')">Click Me<./a>
The second example might be better because IE5.0 has a problem when you use the "#" sign to void the link.  You can also reference function in the "opener" window from the popup by prefacing the function name with the term "opener" like this:
As you can see you can reference just about anything in the main window as long as you preface it with "opener".
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Q. I tried to copy and paste two of your JavaScript codes onto my page, but the code shows up on my page instead of what the code is supposed to do.  It doesn't look like anything is wrong with the code, but can you tell me why the code is showing up on my page.  I also tried the digital clock and got the same result.
A. Usually the code will show up on a page if you have left out the <.script> <./script> tags.
Discussion Goodies
Have you seen the discussion forums on the HTML Goodies website?  It's a great place to get help from others who, just like you, are developing web pages.  Many different topics appear in the forum, and a new one will appear if you create it!  Here's a sample of recent topics:
is it possible to change iframe source using plain html:
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Windows Tech Goodie of the Week 
Using Strongly-Typed Data Access in Visual Studio 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0
As this article explores, strongly-typed DataSets offer a number of advantages over alternative, loosely-typed data access techniques and, with Visual Studio 2005, creating and using strongly-typed DataSets has never been easier. Read on to learn more!

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And Remember This ...
1929 The St. Valentines Day Massacre
On this day in 1929 Brooklyn (New York City) born organized crime boss Alphonse Capone sent some of his gunmen to a garage on North Clark Street in Chicago to murder seven members of George "Bugs" Moran's North Siders gang.  Dubbed the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" in the media, the coverage it received and the outrage it provoked inspired the feds to step up their efforts to get Al Capone off the streets.  Moran had been tricked into thinking that he was to buy some fine whiskey at a low price and was to pick it up at the garage.  Moran himself was late.  Four of Capone's men, dressed in stolen police uniform, entered the garage and told Moran's people to drop their weapons and line up against the wall.  Thinking just that they were to be arrested, they complied.  They were slain in a hail or machine gun bullets and shotgun fire.  Apparently, one of Capone's men had mistaken one of Moran's men for Moran himself, which enabled them to proceed.  Meanwhile, as Moran approached the garage he saw what he thought was a police raid and so drove off.

Today was also the day that in: 1803 James Davenport of Philadelphia was awarded the patent for an apple parer; 1876 Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray both separately filed for a patent for the telephone; the US Supreme Court eventually ruled that Bell was the rightful owner; 1899 the US Congress began using voting machines; 1912 Arizona became the 48th State in US; 1918 the USSR adopted the Gregorian calendar; 1919 United Parcel Service was founded; 1920 the League of Women Voters was formed in Chicago; 1924 Thomas Watson founded the International Business Machine company (IBM); 1946 the Bank of England was nationalized; 1949 the first session of the Knesset opened in Jerusalem; 1967 Aretha Franklin recorded "RESPECT"; 1971 Richard Nixon installed a secret taping system in the White Hose; 1978 Texas Instruments patented teh first "Microcomputer on a Chip"; 1989 Union Carbide agreed to pay $470 million for the disaster in Bhopal India; 1989 Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini of Iran offered a $1-3 million bounty for Salman Rushdie because of his book "Satanic Verses"; 1992 Somalian cease-fire began; 1994 Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead), then 51, married Deborah Koons;

Born today were: in 1859 Engineer & Ferris wheel inventor George Washington Gale Ferris. Swiss astronomer, Super Nova discoverer, Fritz Zwicky; 1905 actress Thelma Ritter; 1913 disappearing Teamsters Union leader Jimmy Hoffa; 1916 actor Edward Platt (call him on your shoe-phone); 1921 TV journalist Hugh Downs; 1927 Canadian actress Lois Maxwell (Miss Moneypenny); 1929 actor Vic Morrow; 1934 actress Florence Henderson; 1944 Washington Post Investigative Reporter Carl Bernstein (Watergate); 1945 actor/dancer Gregory Hines; 1945 English musician Vic Briggs; 1946 musician Tim Buckley; 1948 magician Raymond Joseph Teller; 1998 son of model Elle MacPherson, Arpad Flynn Busson;
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