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Goodies to Go (tm)
January 10, 2006 -- Newsletter # 371
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*   And Remember This...
Keeping Up To Date
The Goodies Thoughts space this week is dedicated to the task of bringing you up to date on some things, etc.
First, you may remember me writing about a case in Polk County, Florida, involving the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, which may well be important to any involved in the Web development and/or hosting business, and especially where that might involve any material that is or may be of a controversial nature.  You can find all the details in the Goodies To Go archives, here: http://www.htmlgoodies.com/introduction/newsletter_archive/goodiestogo/article.php/3557716
There have been new developments.  The subject, Mr. Wilson, was arrested again and then, following the intervention of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and some free speech groups, was ordered to be released by an Appellate Court Judge.  Again, I will allow the local newspaper, The Ledger, to provide you the details:
Interesting, huh?!

Next, I want to thank all of you who volunteered to participate in the development project I talked about last week.  For those who may have missed it, the details are here: http://www.htmlgoodies.com/introduction/newsletter_archive/goodiestogo/article.php/3575731   We will be getting in touch with every one of you who responded, but please give me just a little time to sort everything out.

Next, we continue to receive enquiries every week concerning how to create web statistics.  For those who are trying to do this, and need a quick and EASY solution, I urge you to check out TheCounter.com -- they have a special deal going right now which is hard to beat.

Finally, I'd like to send my thanks out to all of you who sent in holiday and New Year wishes.  I appreciate your thoughts, and I look forward to an exciting year for all of us!

Thanks for reading!
- Vince Barnes
Questions are taken from submissions to our Community
Mentors. You can ask a Mentor a question by going to
Q. Is there a way to use a background image without it repeating? I'd like the bgimg to simply enlarge itself to encompass each visitor's window, instead of doing the tile effect
A. You are not going to be able to get the image to enlarge itself for every resolution. In fact the site you sent has the image repeating. I even looked at it on various resolutions and it repeated in all of them. That being said, you can use some CSS - Cascading Style Sheet -  to get an image to only show once as a background.  Here is the code you should use:
<style type="text/css">
<!-- body {background-image: url(images/your_image_name.gif); background-repeat: no-repeat;} -->
Make sure you change the path and image name to suit your situation.

Q.  I designed my site to work off of tables, but recently have found that when I make a change to the textstyle, left menu, or any of the background images, I have to go through a very frustrating process of updating all 75 pages on my site.  Is there any way to make this process easier, like to have a master page set up that all the rest of the pages can use to follow?
A. To make updating easier in the future you should use dynamic includes and an external style sheet. An "include page" is an actual page but you use some code to tell the browser where to include it on the page. This cannot be done with a static HTML page. The page needs to be dynamic. To do this you would have to change the file extention to ".asp", ".shtml", ".cfm" or another file extension that your server would support. When the browser starts to load the page it "sees" the extension and knows that somewhere in the page there could be some dynamic code that it needs to process.
This tutorial will show you how:
For an external style sheet you need to creat a page with your current style sheet and name it with a ".css" file extension. THen in the HEAD section of your HTML your would replace the style sheet you have now with the following line:
<LINK REL=stylesheet HREF="http://www.your.page/style.css" TYPE="text/css">
Use that on all of your pages and all you have to do is update that one style sheet and all of the pages will be affected.  For the tutorial on CSS:

Q. I have used the following script on one of my pages so that which ever screen resolution the user has, they can see the image fully.
if (screen.width == 640)
{document.write("U can't see this image. Change to a higher resolution!")}
if (screen.width == 800)
{document.write("<IMG SRC=images/800xmusic.jpg>")}
if (screen.width == 1024)
{document.write("<IMG SRC=images/1024xmusic.jpg>")}
if (screen.width == 1152)
{document.write("<IMG SRC=images/1152xmusic.jpg>")}
That all works fine. What I can't get to work or figure out is how to add info (text, links, etc) to the page on top of the image? It just all appears at the bottom of the page under the image.
A. I believe what you want to do is change the "background" image of the body.  Try this instead:
if (screen.width == 640) {document.write("<body>")}
if (screen.width == 800)
{document.write("<body background='images/800xmusic.jpg'>")}
if (screen.width == 1024)
{document.write("<body background='images/1024xmusic.jpg'>")}
if (screen.width == 1152)
{document.write("<body background='images/1152xmusic.jpg'>")}
You will need to place this script where your body tag would normally be and remove your body tag.  The will replace it.  This script will create the body tag with the correct background image that You want based on the screen resolution.
Q. Could you please tell me how to link one page to a specific point on another page? Also, how do I link the top of one page to the bottom of the same page?
A. If you want to link to a spot on a particular page you can use the NAME ANCHOR. For instance if you had a long page and wanted to give the user an easy way to get back to the top after reading the article you would place this in the HTML near the top after the <BODY> tag:
<a name="top">
At the end of the article you would place this code:
<a href="#top">TOP</a>
That creates a link to the top of the page. If you want a link to a certain area on another page it is done in a similar way. On the page you want to link to you place the NAME ANCHOR in the spot on the page you want to jump to:
<a href="jump">Jump Here</a>
On the page you are coming from, the link would look like this:
<a href="#jump">Click here to Jump</a>
Here is the tutorial from the HTMLGoodies site:
Q. How do you get your brower reset because I have no status bar and no scrollbar?
A. You could provide a link like this to reload the document:
<a href="javascript:window.location.reload()">Refresh</a>
When the link is clicked on it would refresh the page.
[If you wish to restore the browser status bar (in Internet Explorer) click "View/Status Bar"
Q. I am working with a button on my page:
.start {font-size: 8pt; color:#ffff00; background:#cc3333}
.end {font-size: 8pt; color:#cc3333; background:#ffff00}
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">
function highlightButton(s) {
if ("INPUT"==event.srcElement.tagName)
The above is placed above </head>
Then the <FORM></FORM> lines are placed where I need them to be below <BODY>
<FORM NAME=highlight onMouseover="highlightButton('start')" onMouseout="highlightButton('end')">
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Hot Computer Deals Of The Week!" onClick="location.href='http://www.tigerdirect.com/email/kb/promo.asp?ID=1671'">
I would like the button to start out as it appears for onMouseout="highlightButon('end')"
When the page loads, it is the standard grey default size button. Using <STYLE></STYLE> I now have some control over the button size by specifying font-size: 8pt; Of course, nothing happens until the cursor is passed over the button.
I tried some [ onload= ] ideas that didn't work. Is there a way to control the initial appearance of the button?
A. I added a class attribute to the INPUT tag. I just used one of the classes you had already set in your styles, but you can create another one. The javascript helps with the changes.
<form name="highlight" onmouseover="highlightButton('start')" onmouseout="highlightButton('end')">
<input class="end" type="button" value="Hot Computer Deals Of The Week!" onclick="location.href='http://www.tigerdirect.com/email/kb/promo.asp?ID=1671'" />
I'm not sure which version of HTML you are using... I'm used to writing in XHTML 1.0, so I've made the tags lowercase and added a / to the end of the INPUT.

Discussion Goodies
Have you seen the discussion forums on the HTML Goodies website?  It's a great place to get help from others who, just like you, are developing web pages.  Many different topics appear in the forum, and a new one will appear if you create it!  Here's a sample of recent topics:
Using JS to create a set of var from form:
News Goodies
AMD Chip Guns For Gamers
[January 10, 2006] AMD answers Intel's 955 Pentium gaming chip with one of its own, the Athlon 64 FX-60.
Read the article:

NASDAQ's New Investor Services Provider
[January 10, 2006] Shareholder.com will give NASDAQ some help for its companies.
Read the article:

USPTO Joins Patent Quality Cause
[January 10, 2006] The USPTO teams with IBM and the OSDL to improve the way patents are constructed and issued in the U.S.
Read the article:

New DragonFly Released For BSD Users
[January 10, 2006] New DragonFly BSD release strays further from its FreeBSD roots    
Read the article:

A JotSpot For Excel
[January 10, 2006] JotSpot's new app marries the spreadsheet to the wiki.
Read the article:

LANDesk Software Secures Macs
[January 10, 2006] Security management firm offers Trusted Access for Mac OS X and future Intel-based Macs. 
Read the article:

An Elixir for Outlook Users?
[January 9, 2006] Microsoft released sample code for a CRM interface based on Outlook.
Read the article:

Martin Concerned Over Broadband Plan
[January 9, 2006] FCC chief says network operators can charge for differentiated services, but can't block access to Internet. 
Read the article:

Former Cyber Security Chief to Head CIA Unit
[January 9, 2006] Yoran will serve as president and CEO of In-Q-Tel.
Read the article:

Skype 2.0 Free of Beta Tag

[January 9, 2006] The new Skype release is out of beta and out to up the Video VoIP stakes.
Read the article:

Feedback Goodies
Did you ever wish your newsletter was an easy two way communications medium?  Ploof! It now is!
If you would like to comment on the newsletter or expand/improve on something you have seen in here, you can now send your input to:
We already receive a lot of email every day.  This address helps us sort out those relating specifically to this newsletter from all the rest.  When you send email to this address it may wind up being included in this section of the newsletter, to be shared with your fellow readers.  Please don't send your questions to this address.  They should be sent to our mentors: see http://www.htmlgoodies.com/mentors/
Thanks for all your feedback!

Windows Tech Goodie of the Week 
Returning Ranked Results with Microsoft SQL Server 2005
In this article we'll look at SQL Server 2005's rank-related functions, which simplify the process of assigning ranks to query results, retrieve results with a particular rank, and other rank-related tasks common to reporting. Read on to learn more!

*** AND ***

Mask Your Web Server for Enhanced Security
Masking or anonymizing a Web server involves removing identifying details that intruders could use to detect your OS and Web server vendor and version. This information, while providing little or no utility to legitimate users, is often the starting place for hackers. This article explores some ways you can minimize the risk of such detection.

And Remember This ...
1920 The League Of Nations Formed
The Covenant of the League Of Nations, which had been ratified by forty-two nations the previous year, took effect of this day in 1920.  In the wake of the terrible price the world paid for World War I, the US and Britain called for the forming of an international body to keep the peace.  President Woodrow Wilson included an outline for such a body in his proposal to end the war.  In 1919 Wilson presented the Treaty of Versailles and the Covenant of the League Of Nations.  While the league was successful in resolving several minor issues, it was ineffective in more important matters.  When it condemned Japan's invasion of China in the 1930s, Japan simply left the organization.  It was similarly ineffective in preventing the rearmament of Germany, the Italian invasion of Ethiopia or World War II.  The league was officially dissolved in 1946 with the formation of the United Nations.  While the UN was modeled after the League, it had much stronger international support.  The first General Assembly of the United Nations met on this day in 1946 at Westminster Central Hall in London, and brought together fifty-one nations.

Today was also the day that in: 49BC Julius Ceasar crossed the Rubicon and invaded Italy; 1514 The Complutensian Polyglot Bible in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek & Latin was finished; 1776 "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine was published (until then there had been none, and there's not much more now! <G>); 1810 The French church annulled marriage of Napoleon I and Josephine; 1839 Tea from India first arrived in the UK; 1863 The first underground railway opened - in London; 1870 John D Rockefeller incorporated Standard Oil; 1928 The Soviet Union ordered the exile of Leon Trotsky; 1946 The UN General Assembly convened for the first time (London); 1949 RCA introduced the 45 RPM record; 1951 UN Headquarters opened in Manhattan, NYC; 1964 Panama severed diplomatic relations with US; 1969 Sweden became the first western nation to oficially recognize North Vietnam; 1972 The triple album set "A Concert for Bangladesh" was released in the UK; 1984 Clara Peller first asked "Where's the Beef?"; 1994 The trial of Lorena Bobbitt, who cut off her husband's penis, began; 1997 Italy's new 1,000 lire coin showed Germany still divided on its map;

Born today were: in 1738 Revolutionary War fighter Ethan Allen; 1883 Russian poet & writer Aleksei Tolstoi (Pjotr Peroyj); 1901 actress Pauline Stark; 1908 English actor Bernard Lee ("M" to 007); 1927 singer Johnnie Ray; 1930 Roy E. Disney; 1943 singer Jim Croce; 1945 singer Frank Sinatra Jr.; 1945 British singer Rod Stewart; 1946 musician Aynsley Dunbar; 1948 musician Donald Fagen; 1953 singer Pat Benatar;

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