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*   And Remember This...
Oh! How we love our acronyms!  In the days of yore, the people in the computer department within a company used to call themselves the DP (Data Processing) or EDP (Electronic DP) department.  After a while, however, they became bored with those acronyms and decided to create some new ones.
Along came Management Information Systems, MIS, and then just Information Systems, IS, and of course Information Technology, IT.  MIS is my favorite, simply because it's the easiest to play with!  For example, there is on excellent training organization whose name is the MIS Training Institute.  In fact, they really do have top quality training classes, but I just love that name -- I presume that having taken a mis-training class one would be more mis-informed.
Another example of the use of this excellent to play with acronym is provided by the Clerk of Courts in Polk County Florida, who provides a public records search facility with a section that requires a login because it is for mis-use only!  See for yourself: go to http://www.polkcountyclerk.net click on "Public Records" and look at the bottom of the page.
Information Systems is not bad, except that it's "is".  Both words are needed because if one used only the first, people would come up with all sorts of questions, and if only the second, they may expect missiles or hot water.
Information Technology is it (pun intended, of course!)  However, in this case the first word may well be redundant.  Convergence is bringing telephony, teleconferencing and security to the world of IP (Internet Protocol), which travels over the network, which is under the auspices of IT.  Photocopiers are also printers and scanners.  Everything is being sucked in to the one black hole!  Why not simply call it the "Technology Department"?
Much as I like this idea, it'll never happen.  And why not?  Because:
"Where do you work?"
"In T."
It's just not a satisfying as IT.

Thanks for reading!

- Vince Barnes
Q & A Goodies
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Q. I am fairly new to website design and need to design a site in FrontPage 2002 to sell a book. The book will be sent as an e-mail attachment after customer has paid through our merchant account.  The order form when the website is set up will go through to our bank merchant account on a secure server and the e-mail should be automatically attached.  Could you direct me to a tutorial somewhere that gives me information on how to do this?
A. I would buy a pre-bulit e-commerce application to handle this for you. There are many out there, but it depends on what your server will support. I use Active Server Pages(ASP). It runs on Windows servers. I also use a shopping cart called VASP (www.vasp.com) and it handles exactly what you are looking for. Others do also but I am familiar with that one and can tell you that it is a very nice cart for the money. Another I would suggest and is a bit cheaper is ClickCart(http://www.clicktech.com). This one I believe handles eBooks but I am not 100% sure. Send an email to the Leo, the owner and I am sure he can answer your questions.

*** This question was submitted to our Mentor Community.
    The answer was provided by one of our Mentor Volunteers
Q. I'm making a website with a "fixed" background.  I can't figure out how to make the picture fit the browser perfectly on everybody's system.  Is there a code I can place inside my document to alter the fixed background to fit the browser?  My site content will go into a smaller screen/box within the background so there is no need for scrollers on my outside browser and my background image doesn't need to be tiled because it basically is my site.
A. You can use Cascading Style Sheets to fix a background image. The code would have to be edited for your particular situation and image but here is the code:
<.style type="text/css">
body {
background-image: url("/images/your_image_name.gif");
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-attachment: fixed

*** This question was submitted to our Mentor Community.
    The answer was provided by one of our Mentor Volunteers
Q. I am trying to figure out how to make a check box on an HTML form checked by default.
A. If you want a check box to be checked when the page opens you can do it without JavaScript like this:
<.input type="checkbox" id="ckbox" checked>
With JavaScript you can set the checked property to true when the page loads like this:
<.script type="text/javascript">
The above will work if there is only one checkbox.  If you have multiple checkbox's with the same name then you have to specify itslocation in the array like this:
<.script type="text/javascript">
The above would set the first checkbox's checked property to true.
*** This question was submitted to our Mentor Community.
    The answer was provided by one of our Mentor Volunteers
Q. Is there an equivalent of ASP for Apache servers?
A.  There is a third-party package that works with Apache. Check out http://www.sun.com/software/chilisoft/index.xml

*** This question was submitted to our Mentor Community.
    The answer was provided by one of our Mentor Volunteers
Q.  I have a side bar on the left and then the rest of the page is where all the content goes. The side bar just has a navigation menu. I have it where the page is one big table and the sidebar is one cell and the rest of the page is a cell. Well my problem is... if there is a lot of information in the right hand cell, then the stuff in the left hand cell gets right in the middle of the cell so everything will be even. But I want that stuff to stay at the top of the page, regardless of how much info is in the right hand cell. Is there a way to make it where it doesn't automatically center itself like that?
A. You need to add VALIGN="top" to the row or cell or both. This will make all the contents stay at the top of the cell.

*** This question was submitted to our Mentor Community.
    The answer was provided by one of our Mentor Volunteers
Q.  I divided my page into two frame columns. My one problem is when I try to return to my start up page, it reloads the navigation bar (the first frame) again. How can this be avoided?
A. Try putting a target in that link of target="_top" this will reload the whole page and avoid a frame within a frame

News Goodies
Katrina's Path Wends Through Web
[August 30, 2005] The Internet is giving the world a front-row seat into a powerful storm as it unfolds, and how the gulf region is coping.
Read the article:

IBM Driving Efficiency For Cars
[August 30, 2005] Big Blue puts its next-generation search technology in a software package for the automotive sector.
Read the article:

Zotob Writer Had Busy Summer
[August 30, 2005] The 'signature' of the alleged virus writer has been detected in more than half of August's top 10 viruses, a security firm says. 
Read the article:

NextWeb Makes Next Move
[August 30, 2005] The fixed-wireless ISP snaps up a rival to enhance its California coverage.
Read the article:

QLogic Dumps Drive Biz for $225M
[August 30, 2005] The storage component maker sheds its hard and tape drive business to Marvell, opting to focus on selling SAN gear.
Read the article:

L.A. Cracks Internet Warez Ring
[August 30, 2005] Dealer faces up to three years in prison in California's first criminal file-sharing case.
Read the article:

Stocks Stage Reversal
[August 29, 2005] Tech stocks led the way higher Monday after Hurricane Katrina appeared to do less damage than feared.
Read the article:

WinFS File System Moves to Beta 1
[August 29, 2005] Microsoft delivers a complete test version of its next generation file system months earlier than expected.
Read the article:

VZ Wireless Slashes Broadband Price
[August 29, 2005] The carrier hopes to entice voice subscribers to add data.
Read the article:

Intelsat Buying PanAmSat For $3.2 Billion
[August 29, 2005] Combined satellite fleets expected to focus on advanced digital communications. 
Read the article:

Feedback Goodies
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Windows Tech Goodie of the Week 
Performance Monitoring in SharePoint Portal Server 2003
This article helps you identify which are the critical performance counters in a SharePoint Portal Server environment and explains how to monitor them.
By monitoring performance regularly, organizations can recognize performance trends as they develop and prevent problems before they get out of hand.

*** AND ***

Stopping JavaScript Errors When Opening a LinkButton in a New Window
A previous article, Displaying Text in the Browser's Status Bar When Mousing Over a LinkButton, examined how to enhance the LinkButton control to display custom text in the browser's status bar when the link is moused over.  In this article we'll add additional code to the skmLinkButton control examined previously so that it emits an href="#" and the proper script in the client-side onclick event.

*** AND ***

Database Multi-Sort ASP.NET Sample Code
This sample works just like a standard Database Sort sample except that it adds the ability to sort by multiple fields just by clicking on the field headings in sequence.  The script will sort on as many fields as you want but it does remove duplicates to keep things logical.

And Remember This ...
On this day in...
1983 First African American in space
With the launch of the space shuttle Challenger on this date in 1983, U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Guion S. Bluford became the first African American to travel into space. 
"Guy" Bluford was born in Philadelphia in 1942 and graduated from Penn State with a degree in aerospace engineering in 1964.  He got his wings as a pilot in the US Air Force in 1965 and flew 144 combat missions in Vietnam. In the 1970's he received a master's degree and doctorate in aerospace engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology and was accepted into the U.S. astronaut program in 1979.  He was a mission specialist on the 1983 mission (the eighth shuttle flight) and flew three more shuttle missions after that one.

Today was also the day that in: Honolulu, Hawaii became a city; 1941 the Nazi's Siege of Leningrad began; 1945 Hong Kong was liberated from Japan; 1961 JB Parsons was confirmed as the first African American US District Court Judge; 1963 the White House - Kremlin hotline went into service; 1967 Thurgood Mashall was confirmed as the first African American US Supreme Court Justice; 1979 President Jimmy Carter was attacked by a rabbit while on a canoe trip in Plains, Georgia (US);  1989 Roman Polanski and actress Emanuelle Seigner were married;
Born today were: in 1797 English author, creator of Frankenstein, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley; 1871 English physicist, discoverer of the nucleus of atoms, Ernest Lord Rutherford; 1907 actor Fred MacMurray; 1909 actress Joan Blondell; 1917 actress Julie Bishop; 1919 country singer Kitty Wells; 1927 clothing designer Geoffrey Beene; 1928 actor Bill Daily; 1935 singer John Phillips; 1939 actress Elizabeth Ashley; 1950 actor John Landis; 1974 musician (cousin to Jon Bon Jovi) Matt Bongiovi;

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IT MANAGEMENT http://www.earthweb.com/dlink.index-jhtml.72.949.-.0.jhtml

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