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Goodies to Go (tm)
September 6, 2004-- Newsletter #301

By Vince Barnes

Goodies to Go (tm)
September 6, 2004--Newsletter #301

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* Goodies Thoughts - More Hurricane Trouble
* Q & A Goodies
* News Goodies
* Goodies Peer Reviews
* Feedback Goodies  
* Windows Tech Goodies  
* And Remember This...



Goodies Announcement

The new Beyond HTML Goodies book is now available!


Go beyond the basics and learn how the pros add and use dynamic HTML features and advanced JavaScript techniques. Beyond HTML Goodies demonstrates dozens of new and different features readers can add to their existing Web pages using HTML and JavaScript. The book starts with simple text and image tips, such as adding a clock to a Web page or causing text to appear when the mouse moves over an image. It gradually builds to more complex tricks, including manipulating forms or working with cookies behind the scenes. Throughout the book, readers enjoy Joe's snappy style and "to the point" discussion of each "goody" in the book.





Goodies Thoughts - More Hurricane Trouble

First off, I want to apologize for this newsletter being somewhat off topic, and somewhat abbreviated. The trouble is, I'm beset with another hurricane -- Frances, and the second in three weeks!

As I write, Frances is barreling towards our east coast -- that is, the Atlantic coast of Florida. Three weeks ago, Hurricane Charlie hit our Gulf Coast (the Gulf of Mexico, or western coast of Florida) and came right over my head here in Central Florida (Orlando).

I wrote at that time about the importance of making back-ups (see http://www.htmlgoodies.com/letters/298.html) but now I have another interesting observation for you to consider.

There's a nasty anxiety that goes along with preparing for a hurricane's strike - even immediately after having come through one without too much damage. When preparing for the storm, we put all our important papers into a bag, put the bag in a plastic box & put the box in the trunk of the car, sitting snugly in the garage (we hope!) All the most important items in the house get similar treatment. My back-ups are in my briefcase, also in the car.

The trouble with this is the thinking that goes along with it -- these extra important things are treated this way because we are aware of the possibility that everything else might be destroyed. Talk about distressing!

It strikes me that those who don't take their backup needs seriously might, in part, be avoiding this unpleasant thought. I believe, however, that there is one way to avoid it without having to compromise safety and security.

The only reason we have to think of these things in the first place is because we lack confidence in the normal routine. If we made to normal routine as solid as a rock, which is what it should be anyway, then we wouldn't have to worry about it as a potential disaster looms. Essentially, we would be ready for the disaster at all points in time. This is the way is really should be.

This thinking applies as much to all the most important things in your home as it does to your computer system. If you kept copies of things in the house and the originals in a bank vault, for example, things would probably be a lot safer!

Now that I've been lecturing you about this for a few weeks, I think it's time for me to practice what I preach!

Best of luck to all!


Thanks for Reading!

- Vince Barnes



Q & A Goodies

Questions are taken from submissions to our Community Mentors. You can ask a Mentor a question by going to http://www.htmlgoodies.com/mentors.



Q. I'm trying to design a personal portfolio site and need to have people click on my thumbnails to see larger images in a new window... easy. However I found a site that makes it hard for people to save/steal copyright materials- it makes the new window close when it is clicked on... I can't figure out how to do this.

A. You could use the onClick event in the body tag. Of course they can still steal your images because the images have to be downloaded to your PC for your browser to display them. The body tag would look like this:
<body onClick="window.close()">
This will only work if the window was opened using the JavaScript window.open command.

Q. This is a question based around HTML and Java. Firstly, how do you specify a constant width for a drop down menu, and secondly, how to you change its colours?

A. This is more of a HTML/CSS question, but you could use a style tag in the select tag to specify that. Here is an example:
<select name="sel" style="width:80;color:red;background-color:yellow">
<option value="yes">Yes</option
<option value="no">No</option
This example would limit the select (dropdown) to 80 pixels, the text will be red and the background color of the select will be yellow.

Q. I'm trying to create a sort of mouseover-driven context-sensitive help system for my website. The basic idea is that you mouse over a set of services (system checkup, basic service, advanced service, etc) and a window pops up telling you what it is you're going to be paying for. I can get windows to pop up quite neatly...it's getting them to go away again that's having me in fits. Is there any way to do something like:
onMouseOut="window.diediedie('popup');return true"
and have it actually work?

A. You might want to take a look at this script. It is very flexible and looks great. http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex5/popinfo.htm

Q. My website uses frames and I was wondering if there was a code (which I was gussing uses Javascript) that refreshes a page/frame automatically every X minutes?

A. If you want to reload a document in one frame frome another you could do this:
<script language="javascript">
function doReload()
Then start it by using the onLoad event in the body tag:
<body onload="setTimeout('doReload()',60000)">
This would reload the document in the frame named "framea" every 60,000 miliseconds (1 minute).





News Goodies

IBM Donates Voice Code to Apache
[September 13, 2004] UPDATED: Partners such as Avaya are looking to build speech apps that can run on anyone's platform.

Click here to read the article




IBM Debuts Power5 Server Line for Linux
[September 13, 2004] The Linux-only server line is geared to hit the entry-level sweet spot for customers seeking an alternative to Unix..

Click here to read the article


CA Overhauls Key Storage Management Line
[September 13, 2004] The newer versions are positioned to better compete with rivals EMC, Veritas.

Click here to read the article




Digital Evolution Buys Flamenco Networks
[September 13, 2004] Another company finds itself consumed by the hotly contested market for Web services management software.

Click here to read the article




Nortel Embraces Virtual Enterprise
[September 13, 2004] A slew of upgrades using SIP-based help workers collaborate no matter where they are.

Click here to read the article



RFID Makes Its Mark
[September 13, 2004] A standard marking system will identify smart tags at a glance.

Click here to read the article




Thriving in Redmond's Shadow
[September 10, 2004] UPDATED: ISVs hope to prosper in the spaces between Microsoft's big feet.

Click here to read the article



Court Bounces Pa. Online Child Porn Law
[September 10, 2004] Pennsylvania measure ruled a violation of constitutionally protected free speech.

Click here to read the article




Population Explosion!
[September 10, 2004] ClickZ Stats has updated its list of the global online populations, with some new figures for the number of Internet Users, Active Internet Users, and other data.

Click here to read the article



A Virtual Work-Around The RNC
[August 27, 2004] With a swath of downtown NYC closed to traffic and gridlock on the horizon, workers plan on taking their business to the Internet.

Click here to read the article






Goodies Peer Reviews


Every week a site is selected for review. Each week, reviews of the previous week's selected site are chosen for publication on the HTML Goodies website.


The current week's selected site is published in Goodies To Go and in the Peer Reviews section of the website.  Current contact email addresses for submitting your site and for submitting reviews are published in Goodies To Go.

If you would like to have your site reviewed, sign up for the Goodies To Go newsletter in the Navigation Bar on the left side of this page. 

For full details about this program, see http://www.htmlgoodies.com/peerreviews




Feedback Goodies

Did you ever wish your newsletter was an easy two way communications medium? Ploof! It now is!
If you would like to comment on the newsletter or expand/improve on something you have seen in here, you can now send your input to:


We already receive a lot of email every day. This address will help us sort out those relating specifically to this newsletter from all the rest. When you send email to this address it may wind up being included in this section of the newsletter, to be shared with your fellow readers. Please don't send your questions to this address. They should be sent to our mentors: see http://www.htmlgoodies.com/mentors/

For those who are missing Peer reviews: we are once again revising the Peer review program in the hopes of creating a workable solution. The current plan is to move the new Peer Review pages into place in the new year. All those who have been selected for reviews in the past will be featured in the new pages. The new method will make it much easier for your peers to provide feedback and much easier for us to handle the publication side of things. "Watch this space!" It's coming soon!!

Thanks again for all your feedback!



Windows Tech Goodie of the Week:


Tuning Up ADO.NET Connection Pooling in ASP.NET Applications


Connection pooling increases the performance of Web applications by reusing active database connections instead of creating a new connection with every request. This article shows how to monitor the connection pool, diagnose a potential problem, and apply the appropriate fix.

*** AND ***

Sort Data Table by Heading ASP.NET Sample


Last week we brought you a classic ASP sample that allowed users to sort data from a database by simply clicking on the heading of the field they wanted to sort by. This week we're back with the code to accomplish the same task using ASP.NET.




And Remember This . . .

On this day in...

1522 Magellan's Ship Circumnavigates the Globe



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