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September 30, 2002-- Newsletter #200

By Vince Barnes

Goodies to Go (tm)
September 30, 2002--Newsletter #200

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Goodies Announcement

The new Beyond HTML Goodies book is now available!


Go beyond the basics and learn how the pros add and use dynamic HTML features and advanced JavaScript techniques. Beyond HTML Goodies demonstrates dozens of new and different features readers can add to their existing Web pages using HTML and JavaScript. The book starts with simple text and image tips, such as adding a clock to a Web page or causing text to appear when the mouse moves over an image. It gradually builds to more complex tricks, including manipulating forms or working with cookies behind the scenes. Throughout the book, readers enjoy Joe's snappy style and "to the point" discussion of each "goody" in the book.





Goodies Thoughts - Browser Wars! Episode Seven
 - A Dent in the Empire?

Will the newly released Netscape Seven put a dent in the formidable hold that Microsoft's Internet Explorer has on the browser market? Is the Empire about to be overthrown? Is the underdog Mozilla really the best browser? Where does Opera fit in? Do I really need to Know?

Whoa there Nelly! Take a breath!

Let's take a look. First, do you really need to know?

Probably, yes. If you are developing Web Pages, somebody is going to look at them (hopefully!) To do this, they are going to use a browser. If you care what your pages look like to them, then you'll need to know what browser they are likely to use and how your pages fare in that browser. The presentation of pages does differ from browser to browser since they don't all handle the various HTML markups in exactly the same way. As a developer, you will want to have installed at least the two or three most popular browsers with which to test your pages.

Which ones are the most popular? OK - Microsoft's Internet Explorer accounts for better than 80% of all browsers out there. IE6 alone is about half. Netscape comes in second, garnering another 7% to 8%. Opera pulls up to 2% and the rest share the remaining 10% to 11% between them. "That's crazy!" we hear from the peanut gallery, "The KidSplorer's the best because it protects my kids from all that nasty porn out there!" Fair comment. The bottom line is that your personal choice of a favorite browser is just that -- a personal choice. As developers we are more concerned with getting the 80% + 8% and maybe +2% right. Hopefully our resulting page will look perfectly acceptable in other browsers also.

Now, about that Netscape Seven...

There was a time when Netscape was THE browser. Back then it was Netscape Corporation -- the company started by seven of the guys (including Marc Andreessen) who "invented" the graphical browser ("Mosaic" - see http://www.htmlgoodies.com/articles/whatis.html ) Then Microsoft included the Internet Explorer, for free, with Windows 95 and took over the marketplace. the battle of the giants raged for a while and then AOL took over Netscape. Rumor was that their motivation was to enable them to sell their ISP services to areas of the world where "America" On-Line might not fare quite so well as the less obvious "Netscape" On-Line or even Netscape Network. Who knows? Presumably they do -- I don't!

Unfortunately, however, there followed a period of sluggish development compared to the feverish pitch with which new features were being added to IE. IE took over. Handily. Now here is Netscape Seven and we are back to the question: "Is the Empire about to crumble?" The answer.... "Probably not." Sure it's faster and better looking. Sure it has a built in Instant Messenger compatible with AIM and ICQ, but -- and there's that "but" -- it looks like a billboard for AOL, with ads everywhere.

Mozilla has a loyal following, and those who use it expound vociferously on its virtues! It is a nice browser, too. I really like the fact that you can turn off those annoying (hear that, advertisers - "annoying") pop-up ads that plague so many sites. I think I know why AOL/Netscape didn't include that feature in Netscape 7, but I can't figure out why it isn't in IE. Is it coming soon, O Guys of Redmond?

There are many who have said that Mozilla is the "best browser" and I don't disagree. I still use IE most of the time though. NN7? Sorry guys, I don't think it's a Lucky Seven.

By the way - In case you're wondering where I get my stats -- take a look at http://www.webreference.com/ -- down there on the right. Plus I have stats from my personal sites. Oh, you want to get personal stats too -- check out http://www.thecounter.com/ and since I'm hooking you up, if you need a browser try Jumbo: http://www.jumbo.com/ look under "Internet" on the left.

Thanks for Reading!

Q & A Goodies

Questions are taken from submissions to our Community Mentors. You can ask a Mentor a question by going to http://www.htmlgoodies.com/mentors/.

Q. Is there anyway to make it just one picture instead of alot of small pictures or do I have to find another picture for the background?

A. Add a stylesheet that includes background-repeat: no-repeat. If you're unfamiliar with stylesheets, the stylesheets tutorial will help you out. http://www.htmlgoodies.com/beyond/css.html

Q. I sell jewelry and want to include a drop-down menu for the customer, who wants to see a specific group of offerings. Please, tell me, where I can find SIMPLE instructions on how to do that?

A. Check these links:





Q.  My question is so basic that I can't find an answer in any of the FAQs or books I've read. What's the difference between .htm and .html, and it's other variants. Can you do more with one than the other? What about old file handling routines that still enforce the 8.3 file naming convention?


There is really no difference in the file names. The only issue that might cause a problem is if the server the site is on is set up to default to is .html extensions and you name yours .htm it could cause a problem. I think most hosting servers are set up to default on either. They usually tell you their default extensions somewhere in the help files for setting up a web page.



Q. I have windows ME trying to save a file as .html but it isn't saving as an html file. Do you have any ideas?

A. I'm guessing you're using Notepad to write your file, and Notepad puts a txt extension on everything so you file comes out as file.html.txt, and the browser won't read that. Try using Wordpad instead and check the file extension.



News Goodies


Study: Consumer Confidence in Internet Grows
[September 30, 2002] Good news for Web marketers and e-tail plays.

Click here to read the article



Linux to Win Over Masses
[September 30, 2002] From software companies as large as SAP down to start-ups like ActiveBuddy, the open source movement has proven its reliability. The corporate computing novelty has become mainstay as evidenced by one enterprise after another embracing Linux.

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ViewSonix Introduces X-Scale Pocket PC
[September 30, 2002] ViewSonic claims to be the first device in the Pocket PC category to break the $300 price barrier.

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And Remember This . . .

On this day in...

1982 Flight Attendant Paula Prince Died from Cyanide Laced Tylenol

Paula Prince was the sixth and last person to die mysteriously in the Chicago area over a twenty-four period. Two firefighters, Richard Keyworth and Philip Capittelli, realized that all the victims had taken Extra Strength Tylenol prior to their death. Investigation led to the discovery of several bottles of Tylenol that had been tampered with. Tylenol was recalled nationwide, but the only contaminated bottles found were those few in the Chicago area. While the culprit was never discovered, the incident led to the creation and use of the tamper-proof bottles now used for all medications and a large variety of other ingestible items.

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