December 28, 1998 - Newsletter #8

By Joe Burns


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December 28, 1998 - Newsletter #8
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Hello Weekend Silicon Warriors...

I'm sitting in my kitchen writing this letter while my wife is putting together a coconut white cake. It's been the traditional holiday treat in her family ever since her childhood. It's best to make it a couple of days before the actual "eat it" date. It's the only cake I know of that gets better if it's a little stale. I don't know why.

In case you're wondering, my gift to her this year was an account at a flower shop. There's a chunk of money there she can use every week to buy fresh flowers. She always comments we need more flowers in the house. Well, now she'll have fresh flowers every week for the next six months. That is, if she follows the format. She does have the ability to spend it all in one shot if she wants. I think she'll stick to the weekly pick up.

She probably got me something to do with computers. Go figure.

In an effort to polish off the year is the traditional fashion, I too will rip off David Letterman like every radio morning show in the country and do my own Top Ten list.

I now present to you, the top ten Web Developer New Year's Resolutions:

10. I resolve to write using the HTML code understood by the most browser versions. This will go a long way to eliminating errors and strange looking pages.

9. I will stop putting "under construction" messages on my pages. I especially will stop putting that yellow diamond-shaped animated image of the little guy digging on my pages.

8. I will use my real name. We all know no mother would allow her child to be named "The HTML God" or "Da Bomb."

7. I will use alert boxes sparingly. In addition, when I use them I will make a point of making all return links to that page go to a duplicate page that doesn't have that darn alert box.

6. I will stop ending my e-mail letters with "C-ya" or "l8r."

5. I will understand that Geocities gave me a site for free and thus I will have no choice but to deal with that brand thing in the lower right hand corner.

4. I will understand that background music is a privilege and not a right. Plus, I will resist the overwhelming want to use Prince's song "1999" at all this year.

3. I will resolve to be honest and not set my new counter to start counting at 1,345,843 visitors. I will also not bump that number up now and again.

2. I will stop throwing around the term "Y2K" like it's part of my common vernacular.

1. I will understand that content is king. No amount of fancy coding will help a page that has nothing of any substance to offer.

That's for 1998...3, 2, 1, Happy New Year!


And that's it. Our families arrive tomorrow and as soon as I am done with this letter I will be sent off to clean the bathrooms and my office. I could write me to get out of it, but my fingers hurt. Happy Holidays!

Joe Burns, Ph.D.

"And Remember: This year when buying a gift, keep in mind that the largest credit card transaction ever was when Eli Broad of Los Angeles, CA put 2.5 million dollars on his American Express card in order to buy a painting titled "I...I'm Sorry" by Roy Lichtenstein. That'll teach American Express to declare no pre-set spending limit."

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