November 16, 1998 - Newsletter #2

By Vince Barnes


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G O O D I E S T O G O ! (tm)
November 16, 1998 - Newsletter #2
Please visit http://www.htmlgoodies.com.


This is Goodies To Go Newsletter number two. We're officially "weekly". Thanks to all of you who read and responded to the first newsletter. The e-mail barrage was fun to read through. I kept a lot of them to add to this and future newsletters.

Let's get started . . .

I wrote a book! It's called "HTML Goodies" and it's available now, just in time for holiday giving and getting. It should be available in your local bookstore later this week. Right now though, you can order a copy from Barnes and Nobles online. To do so, head to the HTML Goodies home page (http://www.htmlgoodies.com) and click on the book cover image. I'd give you the full URL here, but it is so long, there wouldn't be room for much else.

If you're wondering what's in the book, it's a more condensed version of the Goodies web site. Entire tutorials were revised and fully rewritten. There's some new stuff for applets, JavaScripts, chatrooms, and the Primers. Plus there's a full history of the Goodies site!

Where you're really going to find some interesting reading is in the listener comments. All through the book are hundreds of e-mail questions from HTML Goodes readers. I keep just about everything, and here's where it all poured out.

In addition - there's an entirely new section of Goodies on-line devoted right to the book. At the end of every book tutorial is a link to a special page on the Goodies site just for the book readers.

I hope you'll like it. I had a heck of a time editing it over the past summer. You see, I thought it was going to be simple. I thought I would simply print out the pages and - ta da - I'd have a book. No way. The first problem was that all through the tutorials I write "click here". Well, this is a book. There is no "here". All that had to be changed. Then my editor read it and made about a million comments. Then the tech editor read it and made a million more. Finally a third editor, a content editor, read it and he made about a million comments. Three million comments later -- I've got a book. A good book. Any mistakes had to get through four people. It really made for a great piece of work.

So this holiday season...when you think of those you love... give the gift of Hypertext Mark Up Language. Give Goodies. That would really make a good TV commercial, huh? All you'd need to do is add a little music and you got yourself a jingle, brother!

That's It For This Week . . .

Thanks for reading. I think I'm going to like this weekly letter stuff...

Joe Burns, Ph.D.

"And Remember: The largest city in the United States with only one syllable in its name is Flint, Michigan. (I was born in Flint!! Woohoo! Go Flint!)"

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