Developing a 2D Game? Here’s why HTML5 is the Best Choice

By Kashif Nazir

HTML5 offers many JavaScript game engines and frameworks for developing 2D game such as Contstruct2, Three.js, Play Canvas, TurbulenzKick.js. , Minko, Unity 5, Voxel.js., and many… many more. You get the picture! Using these game engines makes developing 2D games very easy and allows the developer to build in HTML 5 while leveraging the advanced multimedia elements of HTML5 and its time developers start taking advantage of the widely available graphic demos available on the Internet and ready to be used for the development of your HTML 5 2D games.


HTML 5 provides the advantage access to all of this free technology, unlike developing games in Flash which often is not free for developers. Moreover, the process of making 2D games is not tedious at all in HTML 5 as it renders the ease to the developing process. The coding and HTML texts are very simple and comprehensive. It saves money as one time coding is enough for the use on every platform, PC , tablet ,or mobile. So, it is very budget oriented. These things add up quickly for the independent developer working on a tight budget with no extras for tools.  

The rich multimedia elements like audio and visuals are the main characteristics and fluidity of the animations is the prominent feature when developing games using HTML 5. In addition, 2D games embed seamlessly in HTLM 5. The extensive access to media to inculcate the advanced multimedia elements in 2D games makes HTML 5 the first preference to the game developers.

The main aim of HTML is universal compatibility and HTML5 achieves this by being device agnostic and having a code once, deploy everywhere attitude! Whether it’s a desktop, tablets or the mobile platform, HTML5 2D games work. The graphics and animations remain the same whether it’s played on PC, tablet or mobile device. The HTML 5 2D games are also compatible with most modern browsers. That is why developers give preference to work in HTML 5 because it keeps the modern technology abreast and is very futuristic.

The use of sophisticated coding is associated with HTML 5. The coding is easier for the developers. The tags are more precise and comprehensive. A lot of div coding can be avoided in HTML 5 and through neater and improved code the results are also improved.  There is no need for the separate coding for the PC and mobile devices however there are several different mobile browser optimization techniques that can be applied, otherwise there remains no need to code again and differently whether developing for the PC or mobile device. This way a developer can save a lot of valuable time and get rid of tedious coding to develop 2D games.

A very advanced feature that HTML 5 has to offer is that any update in the program or coding is automatically configured in all the particular application online. As soon as the alteration is made it gets applied to every user and platform where the game is played. Thus, this advanced feature makes HTML 5 very distinctive from the previous versions of HTML.

Another revolutionary feature of HTML 5 is that it can be operational offline. Thus, the games developed in HTML 5 can be played offline through HTML 5 specifications when there is no web connectivity. This can be done through the ‘Cache Manifest’. It is up to the developer how much information he wants stored in the user cache without being worried about the size of the file.

HTML 5 is easiest for the users because the users do not have to install and download different plug-ins to play the 2D games in their browsers or to download and install the game at all. All the user needs is to open the game in the compatible browser and most of the modern browsers support Html 5 .Most of the time the hassle of adding the extensions and downloading the plug ins de-motivate the players to play the game.  That is the reason that the search engines show the decline of the Flash Player Games by the internet users and the obvious increase in HTML 5 games searches in the last three years. This explicitly shows the popularity and demand of the HTML 5 2D “ER” games and the changing trend of the game players.

HTML 5 will not be fully functional until 2022 but it has already bestowed a revolution to the online and offline browsing and gaming. The availability of HTML5 2D games on the app stores are increasing because of its liquidity. The interactive interface of HTML5 is making it more famous among the game developers and the game players of all ages.

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