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5 Tools for Creating Amazing HTML5 Banners

Online advertising is constantly developing and follows specific requirements and standards. For creating banner ads, there is a wide choice of tools (both paid and free) that are based on HTML5, which has become a standard for online advertising. With the help of CSS3, animations are easy to create and interaction with JavaScript is also possible. When you create an advertising banner, it should be distributed on as many ad networks as possible.

For this reason, there are rules regarding file size and technology used to prevent possible problems, as well as rules regarding resolution. HTML5 standards are based on international, global specifications, but there are situations where the standards for HTML5 banners differ from country to country. So be careful when deciding what standards to consider when you want to use HTML5 banners. Let’s explore some web applications and programs that can help you implement and create HTML5 banners.

Google Web Designer

One good web application for banner creation is Google Web Designer. This application allows you to create several types of web content in a very simple and intuitive way. You can opt for specialized templates to make these HTML5 banners. You can choose either expandable ads, interstitials or standard banners. Interstitials are displayed one layer above the existing content of the site, while expandable ads can change their size. Once you have decided on one of the types, you must choose a standard resolution for the banner you want to create.

You can opt for a certain width and height, but the dimensions are normally preset. Make sure that the resolution you have chosen is acceptable for a clear image. You should also keep in mind that each advertising platform has different standards, but you can also choose a platform that is optimized in Web Designer. AdWords or Google DoubleClick are two examples that employ preset dimensions. AdMob specializes in banners for mobile applications. When creating the banner, you can place pictures and text, plus, you can also set interactions. The banner, that was created in HTML5, will be saved as a zip file and can be loaded directly.

To conclude, Google Web Designer is very useful and could speed up the banner development process. If I were to mention a disadvantage, it would be that this application makes standard banners only for Google web services. But you can enjoy the fact that it is free.

HTML5 Maker

HTML5 Maker is a web application that is as easy to use as Google Web Designer. It does not require authentication or for you to login to use the service, but in order to download the banner you just completed, you have to either create an account or log in through your Google or Facebook account. This web application provides libraries with image material, making for easy banner creation. It includes images, text and graphics, as well as simple animations. You can also choose different rectangular formats and many other forms, but no professional templates are available.

After you finish making the banner, you must download it as a zip file. This application has 5 rate levels, but the basic one is free. The difference between the paid plans and the free level is related to the number of banners that can be hosted. The other levels range between $5 and $50 USD per month. There are two unique things about HTML5 Maker, namely: for one there is an HTML5 document with a set size, default, and another with a responsive size that fits the width for each banner. Also, there is the option to save the banner in Flash, with the .swf extension. As in the case of Google Web Designer, this application easily integrates with Google advertising services.


The Bannersnack application is very similar to HTML5 Maker, including the possibility of logging in through either Google or Facebook. Bannersnack has 4 paid plans and one that is free. Once you have created one banner, you will need to sign up and pay for any subsequent banners.

The costs vary between $16 and $36 USD per month. While Bannersnack can also make Flash banners, they must be created independently of any HTML5 banners. It is not possible to automatically generate a Flash fallback solution for an HTML5 banner. As I mentioned earlier, Bannersnack has many similarities with HTML5 Maker in terms of functionality. It also has a separate image library and the option to integrate animations, texts and so on. You can also choose to use one of the default templates.

With Bannersnack, you can set up entire advertising campaigns. You can also choose the target groups for your ads and display your ads on the Facebook advertising network or the Google advertising network.


Unlike the options mentioned previously, Bannerflow has no free option and plans start at $ 79 per month. While that is not something everyone can afford, if it is in your budget, Bannerflow complies with several different ad network specifications. Bannerflow allows you to create HTML5 banners under a simple user interface, just like the other services mentioned above. Different animations and image uploads are also possible.

Bannerflow offers the option to translate the banners into many different languages, offers extensive campaign management, including analysis. Due to automatic controls, you can display ads in browsers as well as applications. The created banners respond by default, which means that multiple display dimensions are taken into account by the browsers.


Now, we will present a free online banner creation option, called Canva. You can promote your brand very well with the help of this completely cost-free option. You can also give your personal profiles a professional, and very elegant look, with just a few clicks. Making banners online is very easy through Canva. The included drag-and-drop editor allows you to customize many banner templates to match the visual identity of your brand, allowing you to choose the look and the images, colors, fonts, etc. Also, if you use the default templates, they will be rendered correctly on any online platform.

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