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5 Great HTML Widgets to Transform Your Website

Have you ever visited a site and wondered how all the elements included in the site work together well? The booking forms, the weather display or even the calendar? Well, many imagine that all of these elements are implemented by a web developer. But as technology has evolved tremendously in the last few years, it is very simple to add widgets to your project. Using these tools, you can create a simple and functional website. There are many free widgets on the internet, so all you have to do is choose your favorite widgets and install them on your site.

Applications that are embedded in the DOM tree of your site are called widgets. These widgets have many forms, such as currency converters, contact forms, slideshows, search fields, watches, weather, etc.

A widget adds functionality to your site by outsourcing the development of the application, instead of reinventing the wheel every time. Nearly all widgets are free — and I recommend using them, both to develop a site that is more beautiful in appearance and in functionality, in a relatively short time. Explore some of the available widgets below.

Booking and Calendar Widgets

In case you need widgets specific to your field, such as sports, events, health, beauty and so on, you can use and implement the BookingBug widget very quickly. This dynamic plug-in has extensive booking functions, tailored to the specific needs of your industry. This functionality can be easily integrated into your site.

Also, if you are a small business owner and you need a tool to implement on your site to avoid being overwhelmed by scheduling calls/meetings with different clients, ScheduleOnce offers dynamic customer planning packages and services at a reasonable fee. The page on which you insert ScheduleOnce becomes a personalized booking page and can be quickly integrated into your web project.

This tool is intuitive and very easy to use for your clients, regardless of the time zone, allowing them to make reservations without issues. If you need a calendar on your site, Google Calendar is a very good choice. Also, if you need more functionality, such as bookings or to show availability, there are some great options in Google Calendar. Also, if you want to opt for a calendar with beautiful graphics and clean lines, you can opt for Calendly, which is a free option.

Email Marketing Widget

I’m sure you already know that email marketing is a cost-effective option to increase sales and conversion for your business. To add this functionality, you can use MailChimp, GetResponse and INinbox. These services offer similar functions, including template and analytics management, contacts and automation. When you opt for an email marketing service, you are offered a dashboard for managing your campaigns, as well as the code required to incorporate a signup form within your website.

Analytics Widget

eClincher is a cloud-based tool used to manage social networks that helps companies manage their social media accounts, along with other marketing activities. eClincher allows users very good management for all social media profiles in one place. The eClincher Post Publishing and Scheduling tool allows users to create and manage sketches, queue content and automatic posting. Users can also monitor and interact with live social feeds and personalized search streams. eClincher’s widget allows you to track web site traffic in real time, analyze social impact, manage your social media accounts, all through a single dashboard.

As you already know, Google is well known and used all over the world, but there is also Swiftype, which is probably the easiest and most powerful way to add a search field to your website. Swiftype combines advanced indexing, auto-completion and resolution sorting with this easy-to-embed widget, making it one of the most preferred tools by users. The inbox displays messages, comments, notifications and new followers on various social channels. Content management and editing tools allow users to create and share animated images and gifs, and a free image library is also included. This social media analysis tool helps users track results for tweets, posts, social accounts, mentions, and more.

Slideshow Widget

The slideshow widget is an excellent way to highlight newly added information on blogs, forums or calendars. It presents key information such as summary, shortened content, source link, as well as a title. The displayed content can be accessed directly by selecting the title or selecting the “read more” button (if used).

If your web project needs a slideshow, you can use PhotoSnack with confidence. This tool gives you a very easy way to incorporate mobile friendly slideshows on your website. The tool can upload photos from social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Flicker, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Github, Twitter, MySpace and Google+, or you can use them to display your activity portfolio.

Social Media

The social media widget is a simple widget for a sidebar that allows users to enter the URLs of their social site profiles. It also provides other subscription options to display icons on the sidebar of that social site, and more that open in a separate browser window. The socializing floating button is a great way to encourage sharing across your community. There are many services on the market that offer various models, but AddThis is an excellent option. By copying and pasting, you can display floating social media buttons or sidebars for each page of the site.


These tools called widgets are great for growing your business, for improving your site, for easing the work of the user who comes to your site, while providing easy ways to share content, help you to track who visits your site with precision. Widgets take over a lot of what you used to have to code by hand, providing a great developer and user experience. So, by using these widgets that improve your efficiency, you can track your customers and find out which products are successful, allowing you to adjust for maximum efficiency. I hope you have a pleasant experience using these widgets.

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