WordPress and Joomla Plug-in Integrate mobiManage Platform and Allow Custom Mobile Websites and Apps for CMS and CRM Customer

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The new mobiPlugin and mobiData Syndication allows developers and owners of WordPress and Joomla websites to integrate easily into the mobiManage mobiSmart platform. The mobiManage platform can now take existing WordPress and Joomla data and push this to custom mobile web sites and mobile applications. This allows customers to continue to update your website as you do now while automatically updating your mobile sites and applications. Built for easy management of mobile web sites, the mobiSmart platform provides one central platform to manage mobile websites, iPhone and Android applications, tablet products all integrated with existing website data. Also included in the mobiPlugin is host of new marketing features, including mobile banner ads, mobile surveys, coupons, loyalty cards, GEO location services and more. Read the full press release here.

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