With JavaScript, Is There No Room for LAMP?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Could the use of JavaScript frameworks such as node.js spell the end of LAMP for developers? One developer believes that it does, and recently posted about the future of Web Application architectures. 

The CTO at Metamarket, Mike Driscoll, argues his point well, stating that "LAMP architectures are dead because few web applications want to ship full payloads of markup to the client in response to a small event; they want to update just a fragment of the DOM, using Javascript. AJAX achieved this, but when your server-side LAMP templates are 10% HTML and 90% Javascript, it’s clear that you’re doing it wrong." 

Mike believes that that the primary role of the server is to ship an application to the client (Javascript), including the data (JSON), and allow the client to construct the user interface from it. 

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