Will thePlatform's HTML5 Player Top Them All?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

This week thePlatform announced the release of a new HTML5-based video player that was created to be cross-platform and device independent. In fact, thePlatform believes that it will be the single HTML5 player used by developers going forward, in spite of the lack of a real video standard across browsers.

The CEO of thePlatform, Ian Blaine, discussed the announcement, stating that "The big thing that has changed...is that just about every media company has an HTML5 player out or on their roadmap. I can’t think of a single company that hasn’t adopted HTML5 as part of its mix." Blaine believes that HTML5 provides the best cross-device support of all the available options, including for iOS devices.

Using thePlatform's Player Dev Kit, developers can customize the player, and it will work across a variety of platforms without any additional development required. It will automatically detect the device and the web browser, and properly serve the video in Flash or HTML5 accordingly.

Read the original article here.

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