Why the Joomla! Open Source CMS Is Used by 23 Million People

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Although it doesn't receive much press coverage, Joomla! has reached the very impressive statistic of 23 million users as an open source content management system (CMS). The success of Joomla! is largely due to the developer community that creates and supports it.

The president of nonprofit group that oversees Joomla!, Ryan Ozimek discussed it's success, stating that "Joomla isn't a corporate enterprise. Joomla is made by developers around the world freely giving their time to something they’re passionate about and is managed and run by a leadership team and a nonprofit organization that doesn’t really have any financial stake in the game."

Over 2000 government websites use Joomla!, including the US Air Force and US Army. The CMS has been downloaded over 23 million times--and that doesn't count all the web hosts that offer Joomla! to their clients.

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