Why Google Thinks Google Dart Will Beat Out JavaScript

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Last month Google announced the launch of its Dart web programming language, which was designed to solve the problems that are present in the JavaScript language. Its key features include the ability to handle very large programs, as well as team-based development, and it is s truly object-oriented language.

Google Dart also uses a virtual machine, something that JavaScript does not do, and never will. After speaking to Lars Bak, some questions were finally answered for interested developers, including the most common question, what was Google's intent when they created Dart. Was it supposed to be a JavaScript killer?

As Bak put it, "What we are trying to do here is make sure that developers have an alternative. In particular, we are trying to target with Dart application developers who are building large applications. JavaScript is a great language for simple Web applications, but as you grow the application, it gets harder and harder to keep the structure of the program in JavaScript."

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