Web-based Angry Birds App Uses HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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While the HTML5 spec still isn't ready for prime time, and CSS3 still has a while before it is fully supported by all browsers, there are already plenty of apps which showcase the potential that these technologies, along with JavaScript, have for the future of the web.

Recently a web-based version of the most popular mobile game, Angry Birds, was announced. It looks and feels very similar to every other version of Angry Birds, but the web app version was built using HTML5 and JavaScript, and is a great example of what can be done with HTML5's new <canvas> element.

The fact that the Angry Bird web app still relies on Flash for its audio is indicative, however, of the limitations of the HTML5 audio spec, or more specifically, the lack of standardized support for HTML5 audio across all browsers. To avoid the problem, the creators of the Angry Birds web app instead went with Flash for the audio.

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