Want To Speed Up Your Website?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Most web developers realize that making their website load as fast as possible is vitally important to the success of that site. Most visitors expect a website to load quickly and simply won't stick around if a website is slow to load. 

Even Google now includes page loading speed when determining search engine page ranking. Yet some developers continue to ignore page loading times, or more likely, they are directed by members of their team to ignore the issue, especially if its caused by advertisements. 

Consider using the advantages of cloud computing to speed up your website. Images that are hosted on Amazon S3, for instance, mean that they will load very quickly, likely more quickly than they would from your typical web host, with less bandwidth and CPU usage on your web host. 

Stop using height and width parameters to resize your images--resize them before you upload them. While we're at it, put your JavaScript and CSS in separate files, rather then embedding them within your individual pages. And getting rid of Flash and Java apps on your website, sad to say, will also dramatically speed up your site. Only use 'em when you need 'em, not just to show that you can. 

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