Visual Studio Controls From ComponentOne Create Apps Using HTML5 and JavaScript

By HTMLGoodies Staff

This month at the Microsoft BUILD conference, Microsoft discussed the future of the Windows operating system, and how developers can prepare to embrace it using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 to create applications. ComponentOne is ahead of the game, as their Visual Studio controls already enable developers to create Windows 8 apps using those technologies.

The product manager at ComponentOne, Chris Bannon, was eager to point out that the Visual Studio controls that ComponentOne provides can be used to create Windows 8 applications. As he put it, "ComponentOne's reputation is that it is always the first to release tools for new Microsoft technologies, while still supporting existing and legacy Microsoft products. This is clearly evident when browsing the ComponentOne website where we have products from HTML to ActiveX listed."

Wijmo, the ComponentOne HTML5 and jQuery framework, was designed to enable developers to create WebForms, MVC, HTML5/jQuery and as of last week's announcement, Windows 8 applications.

Read the original article here.

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