Upcoming Overnight Web Site Challenge Charity Event in IL

By HTMLGoodies Staff

There's another "Overnight Web Site Challenge" charity event about to happen, and this time the Nerdery will be hosting it in Chicago. The Nerdery, along with volunteer web developers, have already donated $1.5 million worth of free websites to nonprofits.

The Overnight Web Site Challenge is an overnight volunteer event that is scheduled for August 20th, and it's open to any web developers who want to give some time back to the nonprofit community by building a website.

Think "Habitat for Humanity" on the web. Developers and other web pros get together and form teams with 8 to 10 people. Together the group has the ability to create a website from concept to making it live on the web. Nonprofit groups need to be registered with the state of Illinois, and can apply until June 30th.

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