TeamViewer Releases iOS and Android Software Development Kit for Easy Integration of Remote Support Functionality

By HTMLGoodies Staff

TeamViewer has announced the release of a new Software Development Kit (SDK) specifically designed to allow mobile app developers to easily integrate remote support functionality into their apps. Compatible with iOS 7, iOS 8, and Android, TeamViewer’s new screen sharing SDK is ideal for any kind of app, especially for B2B apps, apps that run in kiosk mode and consumer apps that might require remote assistance. “Using TeamViewer’s iPhone, iPad and Android compatible SDK, support teams can now easily access these apps remotely and resolve issues quickly and effectively.”With real time screen sharing of an iOS and Android app, companies can assist app users and troubleshoot any problem. Users who require assistance simply need to tap on a help button within the app that has integrated the screen sharing SDK to generate a support request. The supporter of the app will automatically be notified about the service request and then can connect to the app. The support team can see in real time exactly what the user sees, point users in the right direction, or even directly take over control of the remote Android app. Keep reading here.

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