SyCara Announces Release of SEO Health Reports Package

By HTMLGoodies Staff

This week SyCara, a developer of search engine optimization (SEO) tools, announced a new SEO service called SEO Health Reports, which provides advanced, automated analysis and reporting designed to improve a website's SEO plan.

SyCara;s COO, Jen Dorre, discussed the new service, stating that "The SEO Health Reports provide huge advantages to SEO agencies and professionals, helping companies eliminate time-intensive SEO research and analysis. SyCara provides automated and customized reports to meet the needs of any organization, including comprehensive site, keyword, link, and competitor reporting. SEO Health reports simplify and streamline SEO management, providing companies with more time to focus on improving their SEO strategy."

The customization provided by SEO Health Reports allows SEO professionals to create reports that include keyword ranking, URL and link analysis, competitor tracking and recommendations for SEO tactics. Additionally, the reports analyze current SEO activity, diagnose current SEO problems and detail what can be done to correct the situation.

Read the original article here.

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