Swiffy Extension for Flash Professional Announced By Google

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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This week Google announced a series of web development tools, and announced an extension of its Swiffy Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool for Flash Professional. The Swiffy extension for Flash Professional enables developers to continue to use Adobe Flash as a development environment even for platforms that do not support Flash.

A software engineer from the Swiffy team at Google, Esteban de la Canal, discussed the announcement in a recent blog post, stating that "The extension enables you to convert your animation to HTML5 with one click (or keyboard shortcut). The extension is available for both Mac and Windows, and it uses Swiffy as a Web service, so you’ll always get our latest and greatest conversion. Information about the conversion process is shown within Flash Professional."

Google also announced a tool for managing Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), called Closure Stylesheets, that is parr of Google's Closure Tools, which enables developers to organize and optimize JavaScript and HTML code. Closure Stylesheets allow developers to write maintainable, optimized CSS code.

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