Streaming Music Service Spotify Announces New HTML5 App Platform

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Spotify, the streaming music service, this week announced its new app platform is available now, with intitial partners Rolling Stone and Last.fm. Using the Spotify platform, developers will be able to create HTML5 apps the utilize all of the features of the Spotify service.

The Spotify apps will be available to Spotify's free and premium users, initially for the Spotify desktop software, and eventually for the mobile version of Spotify. The CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek, discussed the announcement, beginning with the sorted history of digital music and Napster, stating that "You need a better product than piracy to get people to start paying again."

Rolling Stone Magazine, one of the initial partners of the Spotify platform, will be creating new playlists each day, showcasing new music, and its Spotify app will also feature reviews and recommendations.

Read the original article here.

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