SEO Consultants Who Use SEO Software: An Effective Combination

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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The search engine optimization (SEO) technology company Conductor today released a study on search engine professionals and repetitive and time-consuming tasks. According to the report, 40% of an SEO pro's day is spent doing such tasks, which is a plus for those using SEO software instead.

By using SEO software, an SEO professional can save time better used on tasks that cannot be automated. Access to an SEO platform allows users to automate operational, low-impact tasks. Seth Besmertnik, CEO of Conductor, spoke about the report, stating that "The SEO is more important to an organization than ever before. With the technology solutions available today, there is no reason why enterprise SEO professionals need to continue to spend time on manual, low impact activities at the expense of high-impact activities."

The report, which is called "The Unoptimized SEO: How Manual Tasks Sabotage the Potential of Natural Search Marketers," is available from Conductor.com for download.

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