SAP Bets on HTML5, Open Source and BOYT for Their Mobile App Platform

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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SAP has made it public that they are moving forward with a plan to rely on HTML5, open standards and a BYOT (bring your own tools) concept within its product teams for building mobile applications, and all this in an effort to bring in more developers with the talent and desire to build great things. Version 3.0 of SAP Mobile Platform, which was announced Tuesday during the Tech Ed conference in Las Vegas, will combine SAP's NetWeaver Gateway, Sybase Mobiliser and Syclo Agentry products "to meet current and future mobile app use cases," according to the announcement. Using the BYOT approach will allow developers to use whatever tools they use to build off of SAP's platform. In addition, SAP is developing a cloud version of the mobile platform. Read the full story here.

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