SalesPress Pro 2.0 Premium New Wordpress Theme Announced

By HTMLGoodies Staff


Desktop-as-a-Service Designed for Any Cloud ? Nutanix Frame

The powerful video traffic player features of the new premium Wordpress theme Salespress Pro 2.0 is now being featured on the internet marketing blog of Rick Porter. Just yesterday Mr. Porter featured the powerful squeeze page templates that come integrated with Salespress Pro 2.0 and now today showcases the simple ease of use and functionality of the traffic player. "The integrated traffic player included in Salespress Pro 2.0 combines beautifully with all of the other options included in this cutting edge Wordpress theme. If you ask me who wins between OptimizePress vs. Salespress Pro 2.0 the clear winner is Salespress Pro 2.0. It has everything and then much much more than Optimizepress!" said Porter. Read the full Press Release here.

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