Online CSS Lint Tool Is Now Open Source

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Many developers have used the online CSS Lint tool to check their CSS code. Now the owners of CSS Lint have made the tool open source, opening it up for additional third party development and use.

One of the tool's designers, Nicole Sullivan, said the tool allows developers to find code that might have otherwise gone undetected, stating that "It automatically finds bugs that otherwise would make it into production. There are tools like that for JavaScript.." but not many for CSS, according to Sullivan, who created the tool along with Nicholas Zakas, who has written for our own WebReference.com.

CSS Lint carries a tagline that says, "Will hurt your feelinngs (And help you code better)". To use the service, simply visit the CSS Lint website and enter your CSS into the form field. CSS Lint does the rest, pointing out errors and warnings for your CSS code, with suggestions on how to improve it.

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