Saturday, June 3, 2023

Using the Wakanda JavaScript Platform for Cloud Development

This week 4D released its Wakanda open source JavaScript platform, which was created to allow the development and deployment of cloud-based web apps. Wakanda is JavaScript-based, and uses HTML5 and CSS3, so web developers are able to leverage their current skillset.

The CTO of 4D, Laurent Ribardière, see Wakanda as a valuable tool for a new paradigm, stating that “In light of the rapid growth of languages and components that one must master to create data-driven business applications usable on desktops, smartphones, and tablets, we sought to offer a new, simpler, and more productive approach. This project leverages our technological know-how and in-depth understanding of the needs of this market.”

The Wakanda platform provides developers with a way to rapidly create web apps that feature a rich interface, which can easily be maintained and updated. By using a tool that leverages a developer’s current skillset, the time and cost of development is noticably less.

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