Offline Functionality Added to qooxdoo 1.6 JavaScript Framework

By HTMLGoodies Staff

After months of work, the latest release of the popular qooxdoo JavaScript framework, version 1.6, has become available, and can be downloaded by developers. This update adds several improvements that are substantial along with many new features including support for offline applications, CSS3 animations and transforms.

The offline application support is a feature that many developers have been wanting, and it uses the local and session storage provided by HTML5, along with the use of an offline event handler and data store to achieve the offline functionality provided by qooxdoo. By using this new feature, developers are able to create apps which can use data that has previously been cached by the app when it was previously used.
The standard features that are provided by technologies such as CSS, HTML and the DOM, can be accessed by what qooxdoo refers to as "low-level applications." Additionally, this release provides an experimental REST layer, along with mobile widgets and templates.
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