Node.js Enables Developers to Build Dynamic Networking Apps

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Voxer is an iPhone "walkie-talkie" app that enables people to talk and listen at the same time, as well as leave voice messages if there is nobody on the other end. Voxer was built using Node.js, a development platform for creating dynamic networking apps. 

Node.js itself is built from V8, an open source JavaScript engine that is the core of Google's Chrome browser. Node, as it's called, moves V8 from the client to the server, which enables developers to create server applications the same way they do client apps--using JavaScript. 

Unlike other application libraries, Node is built around events, rather than threads or data. In the case of Voxer, it acts upon messages from other apps or inputs from users. It can also multi-task, in a sense--it doesn't wait for an event to occur before moving on to another event. Such an ability will provide developers with the tools to make next-generation apps, moving mobile apps to the next step in their evolution.

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