New W3C Members To Extend Web Standards to Other Industries

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The W3C this week announced 35 new members, including notables such as China Unicom, Comcast, Facebook, LG Electronics, NEC Corporation, Netflix, SanDisk, Sony and Zynga. The new members will help to extend web standards to a variety of industries, such as mobile, TV, publishing and advertising.

World Wide Web Consortium members are now a very diverse group, and Jeff Jaffe, CEO of the W3C, believes it will help many industries. "The immediate impact of new Web standards will result in more innovation, more powerful Web-based products and services, and economic opportunities for businesses and consumers alike," stated Jaffe.

The W3C has been working to change from being a slow-moving entity into a faster paced organization that makes it easy to create additional groups to handle new ideas. These new members are a part of that goal.

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