Netherfire and Egret's Team-Up to Service the HTML5 Games Market

By HTMLGoodies Staff

"This is a golden age for Internet entrepreneurship," said Edwin Chen, Egret Technology's Founder and CEO. It is for this reason that Egret hosted the second HTML5 Game Ecosystem Conference on May 22nd. During this convention, Silicon Valley based Netherfire Entertainment formed a strategic alliance with Egret Technology. They plan to release a product to service HTML5 games in Q4 this year. Netherfire's CMO Icey Sui, Project Director Robert Hu, and many esteemed industry veterans were present during this convention. Topics around HTML5 game development, innovation, and its future were the most popular. One topic was on everyone's mind – HTML5 games in the overseas market. A global HTML5 ecosystem is the new direction leaders of HTML5 games were pushing for this year. Continue reading this press release here.

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