MS Deathwatch Website: Internet Explorer 6 May Finally Rest In Peace

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Those web developers who loathe having to develop to the lowest common denominator will be happy to hear that Microsoft just announced a new website called Deathwatch. The site is designed to facilitate the death of Internet Explorer 6, or at least get its use down below 1 percent of users worldwide.

Microsoft has been trying to euthanize the archaic web browser for a while now, as the continued use of IE6 slows down the adoption of more advanced web technologies. Developers usually try to develop websites and apps so they will gracefully degrade for users with older browsers.

While users have been rapidly upgrading their browsers, it hasn't been fast enough for the Redmond company. 21 percent of internet users were still using IE6 a year ago, and that number has dropped to only 12 percent this year. Their new website shows usage stats around the globe, and requests that people upgrade their browsers at this time.

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