Modern Web Design: Not Your Father's Web Any Longer

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Web design is not a new artform, but the web of today is far from the web that your father may have surfed and designed--in fact, the web as we know it has radically changed in the last 5 years. SEO has gained significant importance, and the use of CSS has gone far beyond just presentation.

Besides the use of CSS, HTML and JavaScript, today's web designer works to create a brand as he designs, and keeping up with the latest web development technologies is crucial. Technologies such as jQuery US CSS, Grid CSS, Less CSS and Media queries can be effective tools in the designer's toolbox.

Another facet of the web that today's designers face is the challenge of designing websites for multiple browser version, across different platforms, on many different devices. There are many methods of achieving this goal in an efficient manner, but discerning the most cost- and time-effective method can still be a daunting challenge.

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